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Why You Haven’t Reached Your Goals (Yet)


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So many clients come to me with a goal that they’ve been trying to reach for months or maybe even years.

You want to know what I tell them?

Nothing will change unless you do!

I’m going to repeat that….

Nothing will change unless you do!

I know no one wants to hear that, but it’s the truth. In order to make a shift in your life and reach your goal, you’re going to have to make a change in some way or another.

Trust me, I know firsthand that this can be tricky. For example, as I get closer to my sister’s wedding, I realize that I need to eat healthy, nourishing food in order to look my best. However, sometimes I give into my sweet tooth (thinking that a little bit of chocolate or a cookie here and there won’t hurt) and later wonder why I don’t see a change. Or when it comes to exercise, even though I know my body requires variety, I go on the same run morning after morning and then complain about not getting the results I want.

Is that the story of your life as well? I can help! Let’s chat about a few example solutions…


Maybe you’ve been dying to write a book but you can’t seem to find the time to do it. Ok, I get it, but why not wake up an hour earlier every morning? Think you’ll be too tired? Ok, yes, you may be for the first fews days, but I guarantee that when you start to see that book developing sentence by sentence, you’ll feel one hundred times better than you do now. You’ll forget about being tired because you’ll feel motivated and proud of yourself for actually doing it!


Are you thinking about switching careers but feeling a bit unsure? I know it’s difficult to know how to actually make that happen. How about speaking to or shadowing someone in that industry to see how they got there? Or maybe register for an informational session, take a course in the field to see if it lights you up, or hire a coach like me to support you in the process.


Are you ready for love and looking for a relationship? Great! But sitting at home night after night isn’t going to make that happen. You need to connect with new people and put yourself out there. Transform your life so that it’s impossible not to meet new people naturally. Or give online dating a shot (that’s how I met my husband!) or ask your friends whether they know anyone amazing and compatible and actually go out with him/her. Make sense?

No matter what, just get moving. Stop waiting for a sign. Just do it.

This is your life NOW, right? You may never get the opportunity again, so take it.

This week, your one mission is to repeat “nothing will change unless I do” to yourself as you take one step towards your goal. Whether that’s signing up for a program, registering for a fitness class, swallowing your pride and apologizing to a family member, buying a domain name for the business you want to start or booking that free first session with me, no more waiting around. Deal?

Ok, now I’m getting down off my soapbox to give you a virtual hug. You’re amazing, and I know you can do this! And if you’re looking for more, next week I’m going to share my “5 P’s” of finally reaching your goals. Stay tuned!

Finally, know a friend who would benefit from this post? Forward it on today!

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