Winter Glow Unleashed: Makeup Tips to Slay the Season


March 5, 2024

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As the frosty winds and cozy vibes of winter settle in, it’s time to update our makeup game for the season and enhance that winter glow. Today, I’ve got the inside scoop on how to keep your beauty shining bright despite the winter chill, focusing on achieving that coveted winter glow. So, grab your favorite cup of cocoa and let’s dive into these winter makeup tips!

As the winter chill sets in, elevate your look with makeup tips for a radiant glow, while snuggling up in a cozy fair isle sweater for added warmth and style.

1. Winter Glow: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Winter can be harsh on our skin, but fear not! Before you even think about reaching for that foundation, prep your canvas. Hydrated skin is the key to a flawless makeup look. So, moisturize like it’s going out of style. Invest in a good hydrating primer, and your face will thank you later. Here are some of our recommendations…

Low-Cost Options:

High-Cost Options:

2. Foundation Match for Your Winter Glow:

Finding the right foundation shade is like finding your soulmate. In winter, opt for a foundation that matches your winter skin tone. Trust me; you don’t want that awkward line where your face ends and your neck begins. Blend away, my friends!

Here is our personal recommendation…

3. Embrace the Winter Rosy Glow:

Winter is all about embracing that rosy, flushed look. Swap out your bronzer for a subtle blush that gives you that “just came in from the cold” vibe. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks for that natural flush that’ll make heads turn. Here are two of our favorites…

4. Sparkle and Shine:

Let’s be real—winter is the perfect time to shine bright. Add a touch of shimmer to your makeup routine. A little sparkle on your lids or a hint of highlighter on your cheekbones will have you looking like a winter goddess. Winter is the season to unleash this secret weapon in your makeup bag!

5. Bold Lips, Brave Soul:

Don’t shy away from bold lip colors just because the temperature dropped. Winter is the time to rock those deep reds, plums, and berries. A bold lip not only adds a pop of color but also exudes confidence. Go ahead, experiment, and find your signature winter shade.

Here are two of our favorites…

6. Weather-Proof Those Brows:

Snow or rain, your brows should stay in place. Invest in a good waterproof brow gel to keep those arches intact. Winter might throw some surprises your way, but your brows don’t have to be one of them.

Here is our personal recommendation…

7. The Cozy Eyes:

Warm up those eyes with some cozy eyeshadow shades. Think rich browns, deep burgundies, and warm taupes. Blend them like a pro, and you’ll have eyes that are as mesmerizing as a winter sunset.

Here is our personal recommendation…

There you have it, lovelies! Winter makeup doesn’t have to be a struggle—it’s an opportunity to let your beauty shine in a whole new light. Experiment, have fun, and remember: makeup is all about expressing yourself. Stay fabulous, stay glowing, and slay this winter season!

Elevate your winter beauty with these tips!

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