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The Power of Dreaming Big


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Today I want to talk to you about the wishes we make for our lives and how to make them happen.

At the Oprah event a week ago, she shared a story of how when she was a newscaster in Baltimore, she met the most successful person she had “seen in person” one day and had the chance to interview him at his gorgeous home.

She was blown away by his house and by the idyllic setting it sat in. As she toured the home, she found herself in love with the kitchen and the view from the windows above the sink. Outside, she saw six tall oak trees and was memorized by them.

It was then that she wished to have six of her own oak trees outside her future kitchen window when she was “successful”.

Continuing the story, Oprah told the audience that she was in her kitchen making some tea about a month ago when she looked outside of her window and onto her own vast property. In that moment, it dawned on her that she had six oak trees all in a row. She took a moment to let that sink in, and soon enough, after counting those six once more, she continued counting and realized she actually has 3000 oak trees in total on her property in California.

Wow, right?!

I was struck by this story, and although I don’t currently own acres of property like Oprah (not yet at least!), I have had quite a few of my own dreams come true – especially in the past year.

And what really resonates with me from Oprah’s story is that often times, we don’t and can’t even dream as big as what life has in store for us.

For example, I didn’t grow up thinking I’d get to live in the UK and run this incredible online business. Although I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I had no idea it would look like this. And for a personal example, I always had the dream of a gorgeous wedding and the perfect man, but I ended up having two weddings and marrying a man who far exceeded my expectations.

So how does this actually happen and how can you reach the lofty goals in your own life?

I’ve found that this requires four steps:

  1. Acknowledge your dreams exist.
  2. Validate your dreams.
  3. Act on behalf of your dreams.
  4. Have faith and confidence.

I guarantee that when Oprah was staring out of her dream kitchen about 40 years ago, she could have easily put her desire for the oak trees to one side and chalked it up to being something silly, but instead, she believed that she deserved beauty around her, and she was willing to work for it. She knew her desires were valid so she didn’t just brush them away.

What about you? Are you listening to your heart or pushing your desires aside? Are you dreaming big enough? Are you acting on behalf of your goals? Do you have the confidence that’s necessary to get you the level of success you’re longing for? What about your mindset? Is it in the gutter? Are you craving clarity around a career decision? Are you wondering how to successfully launch your website? Are you trying to get out of the 9-5 world?

If you’re struggling with any of the above (or if anything else comes to mind for you in terms of your career and success) and you need some extra support, that’s why I’m here! Book your complimentary discovery session today!

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