What I Did In My Darkest Days (And How It Shifted My Life)


December 8, 2014

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Today I’m in Miami for a conference with other coaches from around the world. My hubby and I arrived early on Saturday and have been loving every minute of our time in the sun before my event starts.

What strikes me today is the overwhelming question of how in the world I got here. If you would have told me a year ago that I’d be staying at The Ritz Carlton South Beach and attending a cocktail party and conference with 100 other like-minded women and my mentor Gina DeVee, I would have never believed it!

I had the same feeling at Thanksgiving this year sitting at a table with 25 people from all around the world. How did a girl from Ohio end up having Thanksgiving dinner with that group and her incredible British husband?!

I always wanted this life, but part of me is still surprised as it unfolds right before my eyes.

Often times, moments like this take me back to a time when my life wasn’t exactly what I had always hoped for – not too long ago in fact!

Before I moved to London, I went through a major quarter-life crisis. I was stuck, lost and confused about what to do next. After turning down the chance to go to one of the best schools in the US twice, I felt like a huge failure and didn’t know what I was doing with my life. Have you been there?

Although I hoped it would, even when I first moved to London, things didn’t fall into place immediately – or at least they didn’t appear to at the time. I was lonely and still very confused. Oh, and I was majorly broke.

Then one day I heard Oprah urging her TV audience to start gratitude journals. She said it transformed her own life, so of course, I decided to give it a whirl via a Tumblr blog.

Once I started focusing on what was going right – even if it was being able to buy a special Starbucks coffee that day – things started improving immediately.

The thing is, when you’re constantly focused on what’s going wrong in your life, you’re going to get more of that. Like I always say, your thoughts create your reality. Focus on the good, and more good will come your way!

Today I want to ask how often you express gratitude for what’s going right in your life (even if you aren’t in the “perfect” place right now)?

My husband and I had a conversation about this the other day, and I was so surprised to know that he had never really made a gratitude list! I guess I’m just assumed that everyone had – at least in their minds if not on paper.

So today I want to keep this short and sweet and encourage you to take a few minutes right now to think of three things you’re grateful for. It can be anything – big or small. Make a list on paper or in your mind. Making this a habit will shift your life!

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