The Importance of Accepting Yourself


December 15, 2014

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It’s officially 10 days until Christmas – woo hoo!

As you know, I was at a conference last week in Miami and had the best time. However, at the very end of the conference, we closed our time together in a way that’s really not me: by dancing.

Before you click out of this email, you should know that I totally wish I enjoyed dancing, but I just don’t. (It’s similar to my bike riding aversion!) And in reality, it’s probably because I’m an introvert in many ways.

You may be surprised to hear that I’m an introvert seeing that I’m constantly in your inbox, hosting teleclasses where I spill my guts and have the dream of being on a TED stage and being a regular guest expert on the Today Show in America. Over the years, I’ve realized that for some reason, I’m an introvert in my personal life, but not as much in my business. (Even then though, you’ll never see me make a music video like some other coaches out there, and I’m not the type of coach who will end her events with a dance party – I’d prefer to give you a hug and speak to you personally.)

For years, I made myself “wrong” for not being the “life of the party” in my social life – maybe you can relate. I’m totally the girl who leaves parties early while my socially-ambitious husband stays until the very end. When we were first dating, we realized that after a few hours, I hit my social limit while he was happy to stay and close down the bar or be the last person to leave the party. For that reason, we’ve learned to put our own social needs (or lack of social needs) first because that makes us as individuals and as a couple much happier.

However, it’s taken me some time to accept this about myself and not force myself to be someone I’m not.

Do you ever feel that way?

I now know that don’t need to be the life of the party, and I don’t need to be the girl who loves to go out dancing on a Saturday night – that’s just not me. I know I bring a lot of other wonderful traits to my relationships and my business.

In particular, by being myself and authentic in my brand, I’ve created something I’m really proud of and something that showcases my own unique skills and talents – no one else’s.

(Sidenote: Being myself is paying off big time. Remember how I pushed to do a photo shoot in a Kate Spade London store despite everyone telling me it wouldn’t be allowed? Well, I did it, and they just emailed me about hosting an event with them in the New Year – a complete dream come true! London ladies, stay tuned for more details!)

So this week, I’d encourage you to really evaluate how often you spend time trying to make yourself into someone you’re not. How often are you unkind to yourself about the person you are? Do you try to pigeonhole yourself into a stereotype just so you fit the mold?

The cool thing is that you can be both an extrovert and an introvert at the same time. Accept the incredible person that you are! You’ll achieve so much more success and happiness if you just do you!

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