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Working Like You have 4 Months Left to Live?!


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It’s officially one week until I leave for Paris, Cannes and St. Tropez! I can’t wait!

I have a lot of work trips this year as well as some personal ones that I’m super excited about. I’ve already been to Sydney, Bali and Venice, and still have Rome, Positano, Lake Como, Florence, LA, Ohio, and Africa over the next 7 months! I hope you’re planning to quench your travel bug (if you have one) in 2015 too.

Today, I want to talk about time. (I know.)

One of my newest mantras is “I always have enough money and time for all of my desires” so it’s clearly something that’s on my mind.

When I started my business, I was under the impression that because I could work from anywhere and had freedom of location, that would also translate in having more freedom of time.

Not so much.

Although I’ve transformed my relationship with money over the past year, time has been trickier.

I’m able to outsource a lot in my business at this point, but that doesn’t necessarily free up more time. After all, I still have to manage my team, and I find that what’s taken off my plate actually leaves room for something else to be put on it.

Last week, I was speaking to my coach about everything I want to do over the next year – business and life-wise.

At one point, she stopped me and said, “You’re planning as if you only have 4 months left to live!”.

I laughed.

She was completely right. My 2015 goals could potentially be someone else’s 5-year plan.

For whatever reason, I’ve forgotten that (God-willing), I have a whole lifetime ahead of me to uplevel, launch programs, see the world, start my stationery line, build my dream home, and of course, work with Oprah.

But sometimes I forget that and my drive gets the best of me.

Now I’m not saying I’m going to completely swing the other way, but I’m starting to realize that it’s okay if some of the items on my list get pushed to 2016. (Or maybe 2017.)

So what about you, lovely? Are you living and planning like you only have 4 months left to live? Do you feel the need to make everything in your life and business happen now?v

I hear you.

Now I don’t exactly have all of this figured out, but I do know that over the past few days I’ve been creating more space in my life and not spending every waking hour attacking my goals.

I’m working on changing my mindset around time and recognizing that I can be driven without putting so much pressure on myself to make 2015 the year I do everything on my bucket list.

After all, what would I have to look forward to if I lived that way?

So this week, feel into what 2015 means to you. Then be honest with yourself in terms of what it’s going to take to get there (and whether it’s physically possible). Play the whole tape through not just what it will take to get started.

After all, “no” doesn’t have to mean “never”; it can mean “not yet”.

Have a great week, lovely!

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