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July 20, 2015

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We’re off to Ohio and California this week to spend time with my family and then go to a few conferences on the West Coast. I’m also going to be graduating from a group program I’ve been involved in for the past year as well. Woo hoo!

As you know, this year has been quite a journey for me, and it started around the time that I joined that particular group program last September.

While I was organizing some files on my computer last week, I stumbled upon a Word doc that I saved from last year. It held a few screenshots that I took of a conversation I had with the women in the group program. We were a few weeks into the course material, and I was struggling.

In the Facebook group, I wrote this…

Hi ladies, 

So I’m going to be really transparent with you once in again and ask for your support. I have had over 40 people say “no” to working with me in the past two months and only six people sign up. (Two just said no in the past 24 hours, and I don’t have any other discovery sessions booked at the moment so that’s why I’m writing you again!) Most of the time, people say they cannot afford my packages.

There have been about 10 people who have said they really want to work with me – so much so that they are about to click “pay” on my site, but they ultimately ask me to call them back in day (or a week) after they chat it over with their husbands. Then when I call them back, they either say that it’s too much money or they don’t even answer the phone.

I am doing my utmost not to feel deflated – I know success doesn’t happen overnight, but I’m finding it tricky to figure out what I’m doing wrong. I am trying to look at this from a business perspective as well and figure out whether I’m charging too much or just not attracting my ideal client.

I know in my gut that I’m not THAT bad at sales so there’s something else going on here. Thoughts from anyone who has been in this position before?

Not only did I save the screenshot of the post I wrote, but I also saved the responses of the incredible women in the program. Their support and love was like nothing I’d ever experience from a group of women. The document ended up being nine pages long!

That moment was a game-changer for me.

Most likely, you know my story and are aware of what’s happened in a short amount of time for me personally and within I Heart My Life since September – sold out programs, nearly $500k in sales, traveling the world, “retiring” my husband so he can join the company and become a coach, moving into our dream flat, working the literally the best clients to help them make their dreams a reality too – but I wanted to share that personal post with you today so you can see firsthand that I was once where you are – and not long ago!

So what shifted? How did I move past that place?

I truly believe that it all started with a decision – I decided that that wasn’t going to be my story (the woman with the 40 – which actually turned into 54 “no’s”), and that I was going to make my dreams a reality instead.

From that moment on, I continued to put myself out there and was persistent (no yo-yo dieting with your business, Friend), I dove into the course material in the program and hired a one on one coach as well, and I transformed my mindset and how I viewed money.

And most importantly, I decided that I wasn’t available for anything else.

That transformation is possible for you too, Friend. And it can happen this year.

Just keep moving forward. Don’t give up. Be persistent. Try something new. Change your angle. Be confident. Finesse your brand. Surround yourself with people who build you up. Don’t let fear hold you back. Flip the switch on those negative thoughts. Continue to dream big and take massive action.

You’ve got this! Don’t let anyone else tell you differently…

Speak soon!

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