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How I Found My Prince William…


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Today’s my husband James’s birthday, and I’m so grateful for him!

In all honesty, I’ve wanted to be married since I was about 2-years-old (according to my mom) and was always obsessed with Prince William and dreamt of a fairytale love.

My parents were high-school sweethearts who have been together since they were 15-years-old. I always wanted that sort of relationship, so when I didn’t meet “the one” in high school or in college, I was a little confused and disappointed. (I was always the girl with the broken heart who was crying in the bathroom at school dances!) 

So when I moved to London at 25-years-old, I threw myself into online dating – sometimes going on 4 dates a week! As passionate as I was about starting my own business, I was even more gung-ho to meet my true love. I knew he was out there, and that I was meant for something extraordinary when it came to a relationship.

And after a year of online dating and months of vision boards and making lists about the man I was looking for, I did meet him on the silliest dating website in London called Click Tonight. We were engaged within 6 months and had TWO gorgeous weddings in London at The Ritz and in Ohio with my family. 

I know now that meeting James wasn’t a fluke. It wasn’t by chance. We were truly meant to be. And now, for the first time, I can say he’s not only my husband and soulmate but my business partner too. (He was able to leave his 9-5 job to join me in I Heart My Life this past April.)

James is the kindest and best person I know, and better than the man I had imagined in my mind. He’s the perfect fit for me and compliments me in every way.


Honestly, although I’m a major dreamer, when I was just that girl from Ohio crying in the high school bathroom I never imagined that I would be able to work with my husband every day in our own business, live in London together, travel the world with him, and create this sort of life.

One of the things I realized after meeting James and after creating a thriving business in a short amount of time is how key the combination of mindset work and taking action is.

Of course you need the mindset of a successful woman and a woman ready for love who knows what she wants, but it’s not enough to think about creating your dream business or meeting your dream man – you have to take continuous action on behalf of your dreams and put yourself out there in a big way. 

At least in my life, I haven’t created everything I’ve always wanted by waiting for opportunities to fall on my doorstep. I’ve taken continuous action and have not allowed my fears to hold me back.

So today, take a look at your life and how it compares to the life you actually want.

Do you need to take action? Do you need to make a plan? Do you need to put yourself out there in a bigger way to begin creating the life you want? Do you need to get over your fears or your insecurities? Do you need to take a chance?

Everything you desire is out there and available to you.

Your personal life and your business can turn out better than your dreams, believe me.

So today, I hope you’re celebrating your own personal and business successes, but if you’re not, let this be a reminder of what’s possible for you too, lovely.

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