I Was Supposed To Be In ITALY Right Now…


September 28, 2015

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Hi Lovely,

Today I’m writing to you at the start of a week that looks really different to what I’d planned.

It’s my birthday week (I’ll be 30 on Sunday!), and I was all set to go to Florence for five days of training with my mentor and colleagues and then spend my birthday weekend celebrating with friends and my husband in the gorgeous Florence Four Seasons Hotel and in Portofino, Italy.

But the Universe had other plans.

About six weeks ago, I applied for my spouse visa to be renewed, and I still haven’t gotten it back – thus I can’t actually leave the country.

I tried everything – calling the UKBA daily, sending letters, trying to get lawyers involved, but I’ve been advised by everyone I speak to not to leave.

Over the past few days, I’ve wondered why this is the way things panned out…

I can’t help but be reminded of all the times things seemed to “not work out” in my life. The broken hearts, the opportunities that didn’t come my way and the ones that I actually turned down, years spent confused and wondering when my life was going to transform into something I was proud of and actually excited about. Wondering why my true purpose and passion still hadn‘t come my way.

There were so many years where I worried about the future night after night. I worried about why things didn’t seem to be happening.

But do you know what? Things were happening. Everything was falling into place. The Universe did have my back. I was not alone. I was not without purpose. My dream life was on its way.

And now, I’m grateful for those moments – the times when things appeared to “not be working out”.

Thank goodness, I was confused and didn’t go to Northwestern because I ended up in London. Thank goodness my high school sweetheart dumped me and that I got to marry James. Thank goodness I went through not one but two quarter-life crises because those struggles lead me to this place.

Add these past struggles haven’t just supported me in my dream life; they’ve give thousands of women around the world hope that they too can go from that broke and confused girl to someone who does have the life and business of her dreams – quickly.

There’s always a reason – there’s always a plan.

Right now you may feel like nothing is happening, lovely. You may feel like you’re stuck and so over that quarter-life crisis. You may feel like it’s going to take years for you to go from a mess to success.

But it doesn’t have to.

If you know you’re meant for something big, know it’s on its way. Know it’s available to you. Know that you’re not alone. Know that there’s a purpose for you and a reason for the struggle.

Then surrender and flip the switch.

Ask yourself …

Why this is happening?

What’s the purpose?

How can you turn this into a positive?

What’s the lesson?

In what ways will this enable you to grow?

Then be present and available to the answer.

You are not alone. You can do this. You’re meant for something big.

Lots of Love,

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