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Happy Monday!

Last week, my husband, James, was away at a conference, and I was holding down the fort during our latest launch of our new I Heart Coaching program.

One of the most amazing things about the week was hearing the excitement in James’s voice when he called me from California to tell me about each day.

There was one day in particular where we spoke for an hour about everything he had learned and who he had met. (I can’t remember the last time we spoke on the phone for an hour; it was probably when we were dating four years ago.)

He handed out hundreds of business cards and made friends and business connections with people from all around the world. (Unlike me, James loves when speakers insist that you sit with people you don’t know. He’s Mr. Social, and I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t immediately love him.)

The thing that’s amazing about all of this is that just a few months ago, James was in a 9-5 job – the same one that he’d been in for 12 years. He’d always been interested in the personal development world and through me had grown to love coaching as well, but he’d never thought about running his own business.

But for the past for years, he’s been yearning for something more. He wasn’t happy and wanted to feel passionate about what he was doing again.

He wanted more. 

So this past March, while I was on the other side of the world in Bali, we made the decision that James would hand in his notice at his design job. To be honest, it wasn’t difficult to make that choice. (In fact, I spent more time thinking about my wedding invitations than that decision.)

It just felt right. 

So in April of this year, James resigned and joined I Heart My Life as a coach and fellow Director full time, and since then, everything has fallen into place.

I have to tell you, there’s no better feeling than to see your husband so lit up about what he’s doing, to see him making a difference in the world, and to see him genuinely happy.

The funny thing is though, I had no idea that this was the life I wanted. When I was growing up, I wanted to marry a businessman or someone in finance who worked on Wall Street and wore a snazzy suit every day. (Or Home Improvement’s Jonathan Taylor Thomas. A close second.)

I had no idea that I wanted to work with my husband and build a coaching business together.  I had no idea that it would excite me so much to have my husband text me about creating a new program or about new landing page platforms he’s recently discovered.

But that’s what happens when you follow your heart: life knocks your socks off.

You don’t have to have the entire plan worked out. You just have to get started and follow your desires. 

Your heart knows what’s right for you.

So maybe today, you’re not only dreaming of a life where you get to live out your passions, but also a life where your partner gets to live out theirs as well.

It’s possible…

During one of our conversations last week, James told me that he’d just heard the best quote, and he had to share it with me. It was…

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar

Amazing, right?!

So where are you starting today, lovely? Where are you following your dreams so that your partner can do the same one day? Where are you taking action on behalf of not just being great, but extraordinary

This is your time, and anything is possible.

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