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How Carrie Bradshaw Made Me Cry…


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This past Friday, I went on a run in the morning. As I made my way back to my house, a scene from the first Sex in the City movie randomly popped into my mind, and I started to cry.

But before we go any further, let me recap the scene in case you haven’t seen it…

In the movie, the main character, Carrie, hires an Assistant to organize her life after she goes through yet another messy breakup. This Assistant is a young 20-something named Louise who just moved to NYC in pursuit of love and her dream life (sound familiar?!).

When Carrie interviews Louise, she notices that she’s carrying a brand new designer handbag, and something doesn’t add up since she just finished telling her that she has to share an apartment with a few other women and can’t afford much in the city. Anyway, Carrie comes to realize that this Assistant is renting designer bags since she can’t afford to buy them herself. v

Long story short, towards the end of the movie, after Louise supports Carrie in getting her life back on track, Carrie gifts her her very own designer bag for Christmas. 

When I watched that movie for the first time, I didn’t understand how anyone could afford to get their Assistant – or anyone else in their life for that matter – a gift like that. But I loved it. I loved the look on Louise’s face when she opened up that box and the scream that came out of her mouth when she realized it was for her and that she didn’t have to give it back. When I watched that scene, I realized that I wanted to be able to do that and to give at that level too.   

Now to the part about the tears….

This week, when that movie popped into my head, I realized something: now I can do that.

Anyone who knows me knows that Christmas is one of my favorite things in the world. I love everything about it and have always dreamed of being able to spoil friends and family during the holidays. 

But for quite a few years, my reality was $50 gifts and looking for everything on sale. Of course it’s the thought that counts and Christmas isn’t just about gifts, but when I think about everything my parents in particular have given me and the ways in which they’ve supported me, I gotta tell you, I want to be able to spoil them! 

And now I can.

Maybe you feel the same. Maybe for you, the thought of Christmas being less than six weeks away puts a knot in your stomach. I hear you. Maybe you can’t even dream of being able to buy gifts for everyone on your list. I’ve been there.

Just know that your life can transform quickly. It wasn’t long ago that I watched that movie and longed to be able to give back to my friends and family or to others in need in the world, but during that time, I only had enough to support myself so how could I possibly do that?! 

I know now that by following your heart, transforming your money story and relationship with money, and taking action on behalf of your dreams, a mega financial transformation is possible. 

The first step is to get started. Don’t let fear, insecurity, or lack of confidence hold you back. If you have a dream, it’s your duty to yourself and those around you to make it happen. 

I know you might not know how to make all of your big dreams happen – but start with what you do know and then go on from there. 

Nothing is going to change unless you do, so put one foot in front of the other and take action on behalf of your dreams.

Anything is possible and next year at this time, you can be planning ways to give back to those you love!

Let me tell you, it’s the best feeling in the world, and I’m so grateful. 

(Now to make Carrie’s dreamy walk-in closet my reality…!)

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