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I Almost Missed This…


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I must admit – today I was undecided about what to share with you. 2016 has started in very epic way. 

On Saturday, I got a message from someone within the I Heart My Life Community. We haven’t worked together (yet), but maybe like you, she has done some of my trainings and is a budding extraordinary entrepreneur.

The message said this…

At first (and after some mild stalking), these thoughts creeped up: Ok, that’s amazing, but there’s no way this woman would have the time to meet with me. She’s on vacation. I’m sure she has better things to do. She’s Oprah’s friend after all.

But then, all of that mindset work I’ve done and what teach my clients kicked in… 

(I like to think of it as my backup generator when the normal stuff starts to fail.)

I thought to myself, “Why not me? I’ve done stuff. In fact, I did a lot of cool stuff last year. Maybe she’d be interested in getting to know me too. Plus, if you don’t ask, you don’t get, right?”. 

So I reached out, and last night, James and I got the chance to meet Megan and her husband in person.

And I gotta tell you, they were incredible (and it wasn’t just because of the few times they said “When Oprah was at our house…” – although that was pretty darn cool). 

Last night was about meeting two really extraordinary people who have chosen to follow their dreams, live life on their terms and have seen some exciting results because of it. 

It was about stepping outside of the box and deciding to no longer play in the safe zone.

(After all, I could have happily put on my pajamas and watched the Golden Globes in front of the fireplace instead.)

Last night was about showing up on behalf of our dreams and the life we want.

And now, James and I have some great new friends who inspire us, and who knows what that will bring into our lives and business.

But it could have never happened…

As we walked back to our apartment, James said, “I would have been so gutted for you if you’d missed this.” 

And I almost did…

I didn’t know why I was feeling called to spend two extra weeks in Vail. But I followed it.

I didn’t know why I was being called to start my dream business, what it would entail (exactly) or how to make it happen. But I followed that too. 

I didn’t always want to be super visible and tell the world about my dreams of working with Oprah and being on the Today Show

But I got over it.

I told fear of the unknown, insecurity, and lack of confidence to take a backseat – me and my dreams were driving.

But I could have missed it…

So today, ask yourself what are you being called to do? What’s in your heart? 

To channel Oprah – what do you know for sure and in what ways do you need to start following that today?

In what ways do you need to be more visible with your dreams? 

In what ways do you need to be clearer in terms of what you want in life? 

In what ways do you need to show up? 

These opportunities, connections, and exciting life moments are available for you, lovely. 

Don’t miss them.

Looking forward to speaking to you soon. You’ve got this! 

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