Do You Want To Be Rich Or Scared?


February 8, 2016

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This past week, I hosted a group call with my I Heart Coaching clients.

I love the energy of group coaching, and these particular clients are pretty extraordinary.

One of the things I’ve noticed as a coach, is that sometimes another side of me comes out on these calls – a side reserved just for coaching. (Maybe a little like Beyonce during her SuperBowl performance. Just a little.)

Last week was one of these moments.

One of my clients was talking about the fear of starting her business and putting herself out there and really doing this, but on the other hand, she said she wants to be making more money and create her dream business ASAP. 

My response?

You can either be scared or rich. 

I’ve never said that before in my life, lovely, and honestly, I don’t know where it came from, but it’s so true.

My client laughed, but it hit home for her, and she responded by saying “Well, I definitely don’t want to be scared.” 

Of course not. No one does, but the reality is that we often let our fear take control of our life. We make decisions from a place or fear and allow it to keep us from what we really want.

Ring a bell?

I’ve come across so many amazing women who are allowing fear to stop them from not only making more money but also from…

Increased happiness.

Feeling fulfilled.

Using their unique gifts.

Reaching clients.

Getting their message out there.

Freedom of time.

True love.

And the list goes on.

Trust me, I do get that fear is often part of the territory when you step outside the box and do something big, but you cannot let it run the show if you want to create the life and business of your dreams. 

So ask yourself today, lovely, right now in this moment, are you scared or are your rich? 

(FYI You can replace “rich” with anything that you desire more of in your life. For example, am I scared or am I happy? Am I scared or living my dream? Am I scared or changing the world?)

If the answer is the former, just know that I know how you feel. I feel fear every day, but the difference is that it no longer controls me. It doesn’t get to because I’m too busy living my dream.

I know I have a mission and a purpose that’s far more important than my fear so I consciously take action on behalf of my dreams every day despite the fear. 

And you can too, lovely.

Taking action is how you no longer allow fear to run the show. Taking action is how you kick fear out of the driver’s seat. 

After all, there can only be one driver.

So decide that today’s the day that you’re going to take action despite the fear.

Decide you’re not going to let the “what if’s” or the “what if it doesn’t work out’s” run the show.

Decide you’re going to flip those around and focus on opportunities, what is possible, and what can happen if you decide to step up and no longer let fear be the decision-maker. 

As for being rich? You get to define that one. For some, it’s being happy. For others, it’s millions in the bank, for some it’s trips around the world. Regardless, fear isn’t running any of those “shows”, lovely. 

Here’s to you moving past the fear and into a life and business better than your dreams. 

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