This Took Me A WEEK To Write. Here’s Why…


March 21, 2016

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I’m coming to you live from SPAIN!

James and I took an impromptu trip to Seville on Friday for a bit of R&R and time away from the computer.

(After all, living the laptop lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to always be on your laptop!)

Today, I have a confession to make: This email took me a week to write.

I know this might not sound like a big deal, but it is to me because most of the time, I write my notes to you the morning they’re due to go out in about 20-30 minutes.

This one – not so much.

I tried to write it a few days before we left on our trip, but I went around in circles. Then I tried again on the plane, but James made me put the computer away because the words weren’t coming, and I was getting frustrated – on the verge of tears in seat 8B.

I wanted it to be perfect.


This theme has come up time and time again throughout my life.

Maybe you can relate…

I used to obsess over my hair every Sunday before church. I’d make sure my cursive handwriting was perfectly looped before turning in my book reports. I wanted to hit that perfect spike on the volleyball court. And the list goes on.

I’m not sure where the memo that perfect = successful came from (especially for women), but I know now that that’s actually not true, especially when it comes to building a brand and connecting with your tribe.

Here’s what I do know…

This weekend, James and I were talking about our favorite characters – Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica and Joey.

Maybe they’re some of your favorites too.

The thing is lovely, they aren’t perfect yet they’ve been wildly popular for decades.

They’re flawed just like you and me and those non-perfect traits – Phoebe being wacky, Joey being well, not the smartest, and Monica being neurotic – that’s what makes us love them and relate to them.

It’s the same for you as you build your brand and business – people want the real deal.

They want to be able to relate to you and that’s not possible if you’re constantly showing up as perfect because they aren’t perfect. No one is.

I know this may sound strange coming from the girl who wears Kate Spade and poses in front of the Eiffel Tower with her beautiful British husband, but hear me out.

There’s a difference between having high standards and aiming towards perfect.

The latter means action isn’t taken because you’re constantly trying to reach something that doesn’t exist.

Look at this newsletter for example – I wanted it to be perfect (I actually had a completely different message to share with you that I thought had to be perfect), and that caused me not to take action. That caused a lot of struggle.

The quest for perfection has only ever given me anxiety, worry, tears, time wasted, a delay in results, putting too much on my plate, overeating and even back-pain.

On the other hand, having high standards but moving forward despite things not being perfect has given me oh so many positives…

The chance to work with and affect extraordinary women around the world.

Getting my brand and message out there.

Celebrating 5 and 6-figure months.

Enabling James to leave his 9-5 and follow his dreams.

Trips around the world.

Collaborating with amazing women.

Having the support of an incredible team.

Forming amazing friendships.

Getting to work with spectacular mentors.

See what I mean?

Although letting go of perfect is still a work in progress for me, I know now that I’m never going to get to where I want to go or be happy along the journey if I’m always going for perfect.

So what about you, lovely?

Are you waiting to start your dream biz until the timing is “perfect”?

Are you delaying your first newsletter until you have the “perfect” message?

Are you stalling launching your first program because you don’t have “perfect” clarity on your ideal client?

Are you still trying to >do everything yourself “perfectly” instead of outsourcing?

Are you hiding your lovable inner-Phoebe thinking she’s not “perfect” enough?

How about taking imperfect action instead?

How about deciding you know enough, are ready enough and are skilled enough?

Because it’s true, lovely – you are enough. You are perfect the way you are, and the world needs you.

So here’s to you letting go of perfect this week!

Can’t wait to see what happens…!

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