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Are You Saying This ONE Word Enough?! {NYC pics inside!}


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I’m coming to you live from The Plaza Hotel in NYC! I’ve been here for nearly a week, and it’s been an incredible one.

One of the things I’ve realized while being here is how important saying “yes” is when it comes to creating the life and biz of your dreams. Here’s why…

Last week I hosted seven incredible women at a day-long Mastermind in NYC.

We had two rockstar guest speakers – Kimra Luna and Selena Soo, enjoyed a gorgeous lunch and then had the afternoon together to focus on coaching and biz building. It was so incredible that we didn’t end up finishing our day until 8:30pm (with a glass of champagne of course)!

One of the themes that came up during the day was saying “yes” – even when it doesn’t feel easy.

I know for me, it’s not always easy to put myself out there. I consider myself more of an introvert, and I’m someone who definitely loves time alone.

However, over the past few years, I’ve continually said “yes” to opportunities outside of my comfort zone – I’ve attended events, worked with a high-level coach, been visible and genuinely put my message out there in whatever way I could – consistently.

Saying “yes” is one of the reasons why I am where I am today.

It’s the same with the women I hosted at my event and those who joined me for my NYC networking event the next day.

They said yes. And believe me, there were quite a few who were definitely not in their comfort zone.

The truth is, most of us are scared to follow our dreams.

It isn’t always easy.

There are moments where you do have to step outside of your comfort zone on the path to creating the life and biz of your dreams.

You have to keep saying “yes” and showing up just like these women to get what it is that you want.

Just take a look at what saying “yes” has gotten them…

Liivi Hess who’s traveling around the world while running her business and celebrating 5-figure months…

Jennifer Jayde who’s made 6 figures in 6 months and moved to her dream city of San Diego…

Ariel Frey who’s gone from being a waitress to earning $170k in 7 months…

Stacey Sargison Shawe who has built her business from videos and has spoken at TedX, been on the BBC, and earned more in one day than she did in an entire month at her corporate job…

Cailen Ascher who runs her thriving clarity coaching business working only three days/week so she has time with her daughter…

Janelle Ladewig who has gone from a lawyer who had a heart attack at 28 to running an incredible coaching biz and selling out her one on one program…

And Emily Benson whose spirit and work with creative entrepreneurs is unparalleled and who is destined to have her own TV show one day…

They’ve said “yes” and shown up despite the fear, insecurity, lack of confidence or anything else that creeps up.

And everything they’ve done is possible for you too, lovely. But you gotta say “yes” to your dreams.

This isn’t about taking one step forward and two steps back.

It isn’t about waiting for everything to fall in your lap.

This isn’t about trying to do all of it on your own.

This isn’t about turning down opportunities that you know will help you move forward.

This is about saying “yes” and going for it!

So this week, practice saying “yes” and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Ask yourself how you can move forward with your dreams this week and then do it!

Don’t let fear get in the way.

Don’t let lack of confidence stop you.

Don’t hold back on what you know you’re meant for.

If these ladies can do it, you can too, trust me, lovely. Use them as inspiration and then take massive action.

I believe in you!

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