From Homeless To A Rockin’ Entrepreneur…!


June 23, 2016

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Last week I was watching the movie, Message in a Bottle (an oldie but a goodie!) and at a point in the movie, one of the lines really caught my attention.

Towards the end, one of the characters played by the ever handsome Paul Newman asks a broken Kevin Costern, “Are you going to choose yesterday or tomorrow?”.

That line leapt out at me because it’s such a powerful question, especially when it comes to pursuing your dreams and creating the life you really want.

You see, our mind often pulls from the past to predict our future, which is often why we’re so scared to move forward. Our brain is literally hardwired to function in auto-pilot based on what we’ve experienced in the past – another reason why it’s so common for us to feel resistance and fear when trying to start something new.

And all too often, I see women who’re stuck in that place of resistance because they’re looking backwards instead of looking ahead.

That’s why it’s essential to realize that looking ahead is a deliberate choice.

When I was starting out in my business, I had to consciously make the decision to let go of limiting beliefs from my past (for instance, my money story, times where I’d failed at something or the idea that I was too late) and instead I had to choose to look ahead and imagine a new picture of what was possible.

I could no longer base my idea of what was possible on what I’d experienced or been taught in the past.

And I’ve since learned that gaining momentum in life and business is all about making decisions from where you want to be, not from where you are now or where you have been.

I’ll repeat that…

Make decisions from where you want to be, not from where you are now.

One of my favorite parts of what I do is helping my clients have that realization for themselves. In fact, my client, Kim Heintz, is an extraordinary example of what it means to decide not to let your past experiences, setbacks or environment determine your future.

There was a period of time where Kim hit rock-bottom – her relationship ended, her job was over and she found herself literally homeless, but she didn’t give up…

Kim acknowledged that those past experiences no longer had to dictate her future, and she began to make decisions based on where she desired to be in her life and biz rather than letting her fearful, mental “auto-pilot” take over and keep her stuck.

During my time working with Kim, I’ve seen an incredible transformation in how she approaches her life and biz, and it’s all because she made a decision and took action on behalf of her dreams…

Fast forward to now, and Kim has an incredible confidence that’s now shining from within for all the world to see. She’s in her Zone of Genius every day running her own business where she gets to help other entrepreneurs live their own dreams.

(She helps new and aspiring entrepreneurs with the tech stuff that most of us don’t want to do – everything from LeadPages, to placing your Facebook pixel, to setting up funnels, your CRM systems and even Membership Sites – and she loves it! Get in touch with her by clicking here if you need some support in that area!)

It’s obvious that to get to where she is going, Kim is focused on what’s possible and is making decisions based on her future desires and goals, rather than fear or her past.

So if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and can’t seem to escape those past setbacks and limitations, take a note from Kim and know that the first step to getting unstuck is to make the choice that you’re no longer available to be ruled by what’s behind you.

You have the power within you to decide whether you’re going to choose yesterday, or choose tomorrow – so, lovely, which’ll it be?

I believe in you!

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