I Was THAT Girl (Crying On The Bench)…


July 18, 2016

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As James and I are preparing for our move into our new house this week (more to come on that below!), I was just reminiscing about when I first moved to the UK. To be honest, that first year here in London was one of the hardest of my life. I didn’t know anyone, so I spent a lot of time by myself. I knew I was meant to be here, but I was lost, confused and lonely.

I remember one gorgeous summer day in July 2011 that was particularly hard. I traveled from my studio flat in Kensington down to a little area called Parsons Green and sat on a bench across from the famous White Horse pub.

I remember crying because I was all alone while everyone else seemed to be picnicking with friends, drinking their Pimms (a classic British drink) and not feeling super alone and stuck. Yep, believe it or not, I was that girl.

That day, I thought about how I so desperately wanted my life to be different. I knew I was meant for something big in life, love and business, and I was sick of waiting for it to show up. I was over being the girl crying on the bench waiting for her life to get good.

Little did I know what was in store for me…

A few weeks ago, James and I found an incredible new house down the street from that same park I cried in just five years ago. After discovering the property and putting in an offer, we went out to dinner to celebrate and found ourselves sitting just feet away from where I’d sat before on that bench in tears.

Thinking about that girl made me cry again – but for different reasons. That girl has come so far. That girl actually does have friends. That girl is no longer living in a flat the size of a closet. (She just put down a deposit on one with six rooms and moves in tomorrow!) That girl is no longer pining over a boy who doesn’t love her – she has someone way better who she is partners with in life and business.

That girl has immense clarity and now runs a business that’s better than her dreams. She gets to work with the best women all around the world every single day. (And she is going to work with Oprah someday soon, too!)

That girl has so much to look forward to and because she trusted her heart, she is where she’s supposed to be today.

If only I could have told her that everything would be okay.

Actually, I would have told her that everything would be way more incredible than she could ever imagine…

I share all of this because I want you to know that if you’re in place of confusion in your life and business and wondering how to get to where you know you’re meant to be, trust your path.

It’s is a journey, and you’re on your way – you may not see it just yet, but it’s happening.

Keep taking steps in the direction of your dreams, and in those teary-eyed moments don’t give up.

Hold on to that feeling that tells you deep down that you’re meant for something big. That feeling is there for a reason, lovely – it’s the truth!

And when you look back in a few years, I bet you’ll see that things turned out even better than you ever dreamed possible…

If it can happen for me, it can happen for you!

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