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Once in awhile I’ll get an out-of-the-blue email from someone in the I Heart My Life community that really reminds me that everything I’ve put into my biz has been so worth it.

Here’s one I received the other day:

“Ok so Hello,

So I don’t usually do this. I know Emily Williams said ‘write to us and tell us your success stories’ and I don’t even have a story like “I made thousands of dollars in my first week”.

I have just started I Heart Money and have only made it through the first module and half of the second.

Let me first say that I am a really hard sell, but I have been reading everything from Emily trying to get everything I can for free, and one day I was just really compelled to change my life and do something, and I read an (old) email about I Heart Money and it stood out to me. I tried to buy it from an old email that was on sale because I couldn’t afford to pay the full price, and it said that it was closed until later in the year. I said if I am supposed to take that class another email will come. THE NEXT DAY Emily sent out an email with a special on the class so I purchased it ‘cause I believe it was a sign (now I know it was).

In the first module of I Heart Money, I wrote down that one of my goals was to have clarity (I didn’t really know what I needed clarity on, I guess that is why I needed clarity!). I can say now (I’m only 1/2 way through the second module) that I am already finding clarity with my money mindset and for the first time in a long time I feel so hopeful and excited about my future and believe in my success.

Really! Thank you.

I don’t know if you want to hear long silly stories like this but I just wanted to share because I’m grateful and honestly, I was skeptical. I am so glad I pushed “purchase”.

Anyway, thank you so much,


To me, this was a HUGE reminder to me that putting myself out there and being persistent makes a difference in people’s lives and is the reason I am where I am in my biz today.

To make my dreams of IHML happen, it’s taken a ton of persistence – after all, I started my coaching journey with 54 “no’s” from potential clients – and now I coach sold-out group programs and am fully booked for private clients.

But that didn’t happen by chance, and it took more than a few emails here and there to get my message and my offerings out there. It took consistent marketing.

I meet clients all the time who tell me the sales aren’t coming in, and they wonder why.

When we dive into their marketing strategy, they reveal they’ve only sent three or four emails in the course of a whole year!

Believe me, lovely, that’s definitely not enough.

(I recommend sending at least two sales emails per week if you’re looking to fill a program!)

Most of the time, these clients are struggling with fear of being visible or they’re worried they’ll “annoy” their list or come across too salesy.

But what they don’t realize is that they’re actually denying people the opportunity to experience the unique gifts and services they have to offer.

Maybe you can relate, lovely, but here’s why I’m so passionate about consistent marketing…

Think about it like this: Your ideal client is struggling with something, and you have the cure for it.

When you fail to put yourself out there and let fear run the show, you’re holding back what could be a game-changer for your potential client.

Not cool, right?!

Here’s another reason…

The truth is, not everyone reads every single email that comes into their inbox. (At least I don’t) So even if someone is your biggest fan, the chances are that they will probably miss the majority of what you send…

That’s why that word “consistent” is key here. You gotta stay in front of them because chances are, they’re only reading a small percentage of your sales emails and may miss out on your juiciest offer if you only tell them about it once!

Make sense?

So, if you’re struggling to get clients and make sales, take a look at your marketing.

How often do you remind people what you have to offer? How often are you present in their inbox? How often do you speak about your “cure”? Are you specific? Do you have a reason for people to sign up now?

It’s time to take the leap and really put yourself out there in a bigger way, lovely.


After all, as one of my mentors always said, “Consistent money, requires consistent marketing”.

It’s time to show the world what you’ve got.

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