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They Told Me I Wouldn’t Be Able To Do This…

Emily Williams

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Recently, I was speaking to an incredible client of mine, who shared that she thought the copy she’d written for her new website was awful. She was comparing herself to everyone around her, feeling really down on herself and downplaying all the work she’d put into her new website. She reluctantly got on the phone with me, and asked me to take a look at it for a second opinion.

I opened up her site and dove in with her on the edge of her seat and other clients listening on the other end of the group coaching call.

I started to read her Homepage out loud. It was great. Then I got to the About Page. Even better. In fact, it was so amazing and full of heart and soul that it instantly brought tears to my eyes.

What she’d created was so powerful, yet she didn’t even realize it.

As female entrepreneurs we put a ton of pressure on ourselves. It’s risky putting yourself out there and going for your dreams, and it can feel like you have something to prove. Perhaps someone in the past has told you you’re not good at something, and that’s stuck with you – even if it’s not true – and maybe it’s leading you to be super critical of yourself and your work.

(Trust me, I know what that’s like – when I was working on my undergrad degree in psychology, I had an ex-boyfriend who told me I was too emotional to be a psychologist and help other people with their problems! Now look at me!)

Plus, if you’re looking around at everyone else out there and falling into the comparison trap, then it ‘s easy to think that everyone else has a perfect business or the perfect copy or perfect website, etc., and that whatever you’re doing just seems to fall short…

When in fact, everyone who’s now great at something once started out as a beginner. And you’re just as capable of getting to that same level of greatness (and you’re probably already closer to getting there than you think!).

Today, I’m taking a stand for all of us giving ourselves more credit. Don’t allow what people have told you in the past to be your truth. Stop comparing yourself.You’re unique, you’re talented, and you’re totally capable.

So when you find yourself doubting that what you’re doing is good enough, I encourage you to step back and look at what you’ve accomplished with fresh eyes (or have a trusted friend look at it for you – sometimes having another person’s perspective can help us look at ourselves in a different light). Remind yourself that you have special gifts and abilities, and that the work you’re doing is a big deal!

Share your story and your journey proudly, and give yourself some credit for all the amazing steps you’re taking to make your dream biz and dream life a reality. After all, going after your dreams takes some serious courage, and the fact that you’re doing so is already a huge accomplishment!

You’re extraordinary!

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