Are You In Need Of A Biz Facelift?


September 5, 2016

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When you’re putting your heart and soul into creating something new and making a big investment in taking things to the next level in your biz, it can feel pretty scary when it’s finally time to actually share your new idea, program, website, teleclass – or other brilliant creation – with the world. We’re all human, and it’s natural for those nervous feelings to rise up when we’re on the verge of something big.

In fact, since my team and I spent literally months working on my brand new website, there was a part of me that felt pretty nervous about whether everything would come together as I’d envisioned, about the kind of responses I might receive from my community once the website went live, and whether this huge investment I was making in my biz would actually pay off…

I was excited, but at the same time I definitely had fear creeping up about investing in my business in such a big way. This was a mega 5-figure investment after all.

I had all these questions swirling around in my head: was the designer going to get my vision? Was the website going to work like it should? What would everyone’s reaction be? Would I have spent all this time and made a huge investment in something that would end up not even being what I’d envisioned – money down the drain? Would it all be worth it or should I just wait?

Truth be told, this was the same sort of fear that had creeped up when I was trying to decide whether to invest in my very firstgroup program just two years ago. And when I invested in my first photoshoot (after having my hubby act as my first photographer because I thought I didn’t need professional photos!).

>But in all of those instances, I ultimately decided to trust my gut and go for it. I decided not to let the money fears or the what if’s hold me back. I decided that me and my dreams were worth investing in.

And I have to say that in hindsight, I really had nothing to be fearful about in any of those situations!

In particular, the day the new site launched was truly one of the bestdays of my life. And that’s not an exaggeration…

I received so many lovely emails and messages from amazing women in the IHML community, sharing their kind words about what my team and I had created – and that really blew me away!

Like these wonderful messages I received:

I also got some pretty special emails from top people in the coaching industry who, I’m convinced, might not have noticed my brand without the major facelift!

All of this got me thinking about how important it is to go all in when it comes to upleveling your business, and to not let those nagging questions, nervousness or money worries hold you back.

The truth is, lovely, you have to stand out to get noticed. Although I truly believe there are more than enough clients out there for you, they have to notice you in order to sign up with you.

I’m not saying spend every penny you have on your business, but do invest in the best and most professional website, brand and well, everything, as soon as you possibly can.

I know for me, everything changed when I made the decision to invest in my dreams and uplevel my life and biz (even though I had to put my investment on my husband’s credit card at the time!) –I decided to do whatever it would take to make my dreams happens.

I know that my mission isn’t served by playing small. I know I need to continue to uplevel, invest, and grow my business so I can reach my big goals and reach the world’s most incredible women, just like you, lovely.

So this week, ask yourself what you can do to make your biz stand out? What would get your brand noticed? How can you move full-speed ahead in spite of doubts, money mindset hangups or what others might think? How can you invest in your own biz facelift? Are you ready to be done with just “making do”?

It’s time to kick any fear, self-doubt, or nervousness to the curb and pretty soon, you’ll be the one getting all the lovely emails from your adoring fans…

Let’s see what you can do, lovely!

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