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Are You Waiting For This? (If So, It Isn’t Coming!)

Emily Williams

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So the other day I applied for an opportunity. It’s a Richard Branson-involved opportunity. (More soon!)

And as I was listing out what has happened in the past few years and what I was proud of, these “bullet points” came to mind…

I moved from Ohio to London on a whim in 2010 and was in a major quarter-life crisis.

I discovered Marie Forleo in April 2013, and she changed my life. Before, I thought coaching was stuffy and boring. I always say Marie Forleo kept me out of pantsuits and from carrying a 3-ring binder to corporate offices to coach. ;)!

I launched my first website in March 2014.

I got my first client in July 2014 and made $442.

I ended up making 6-figures in 6 months (10 months before my 30th birthday – 6 figures was my goal by the time I turned 30!)

In April 2015 my husband left his 9-5 job to join me in I Heart My Life. He has since been certified by Brendon Burchard as one of 300 High Performance Coaches in the world.

I made 7-figures in the first 18 months of my business.

I’ve run eight group programs in less than two years and worked with over 60 one on one clients and helped thousands of women get the success they want with my self-study courses.

I have four self-study courses – I Heart Money, I Heart Branding, I Heart Social Media and my Ideal Client Mini Course.

I’ve written an ebook called Hot Mess to Mega Success.

Right now, we’re in the middle of our I Heart Coaching launch – it’s a 6-month program for new and aspiring coaches. It’s the third time we’re running it.

We’ve already hit 7-figures for 2016.

As I looked at that list, I realized that all of those things happened due to one big factor…

I didn’t hesitate. I went for it. I took massive action.

The truth is, we waste so much time and energy hesitating. WHY?! Think about how far along you’d be right now if you’d gone for your dreams, took the opportunity.

On my Scared or Rich webinar last week, I shared one of my favorite quotes of all time…

“You need to hear this loud and clear: No one is coming. It is up to you. I has always been and will always be up to you. You may never feel inspired or clear headed enough to seize a moment, but you have to force yourself to do it even if you don’t want to. Nothing is changing unless you make it change. The best time to act on a feeling you have is right now. Thinking about it just makes it harder. Remember the five-second rule… If you are waiting to figure out what to do with your life until you have more time, make the time to start your search right now. The longer you wait, the less likely you will act.” – Mel Robbins

Mel is the author of the amazing and super inspiring book Stop Saying You’re Fine. In that book she talks about the 5-second rule that suggests you take action within 5 seconds (otherwise you never will due to your head getting in the way.)

Think about it – how often is your heart saying “yes” but then your head butts in and allows fear to run the show?!

We have a few more weeks in 2016 so now is the time. Don’t let fear rain on your parade. The life and business you desire is meant for you and possible!

But no one is going to do it for you.

TAKE ACTION! What are you waiting for?! The time will never be perfect.

In order to support you with moving forward, here’s your mission:

Take a look at your calendar and plan out a way to take action each day this week. One action step each day. You can totally do that, lovely.

Feel free to let me know what you’re planning to take action on this week!

I believe in you.

Speak soon!

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