Do This To Make Your Christmas Wishes Come True


December 19, 2016

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Hi Lovely,

It’s that wonderful time of year again – time for traveling for the holidays, for spending quality time with loved ones, for tasty treats, Christmas movies (my favorite!), mittens and scarves, crackling fireplaces and all the lovely things that come with this cozy season.

But back before I’d decided to go after my dreams of starting my own biz, there was one thing about the Christmas season that filled my heart with more dread than cheer (and no, it’s wasn’t the grinch!) – it was holiday shopping.

It wasn’t the crowds or all the bustling about that got under my skin – it was the fact that I longed deep down to be the kind of successful woman who could treat her loved ones to wonderful gifts and surprises, only to feel disappointment overtake me when I flipped over the price tag of the gift I longed to buy. I remember how frustrating it was to not be able to buy that perfect gift for a friend when it was right in front of me.

I also knew at the time that I desperately needed to invest in myself as an entrepreneur if I was going to gain the momentum in my life and biz that I desired. There were times when I’d find an amazing training or program, but then I’d see the price and I’d shy away, telling myself I was just fine trying to get the success I wanted on my own. But in hindsight, I know I spent far too much time grasping at every freebie and trying to do everything solo.

That is, until I finally realized that getting the life and business I’d been dreaming of wouldn’t just magically happen being the solitary entrepreneur tucked away behind my computer trying to figure everything out. It became glaringly clear that if I was going to move forward in my biz, I had to make the investment in myself and my biz, and communicate to the universe (and to my potential clients) that I was ready to take things to the next level. I couldn’t let cost be my hang up any longer. So I took the plunge and put my very first coaching program on James’s credit card.

I’ve come a long way since then, and I attribute so much of my success to the major shift I made in my money mindset. I had to kick my money fears to the curb and realize that we aren’t meant to take this entrepreneurial journey alone. And since then, I’ve invested in numerous programs and trainings that have fast-tracked my path to success including the prestigious Titan Summit, which James and I recently attended in Zurich.

During the event I was reminded of the lesson I’d learned along the way about investing in my own success – Robin Sharma had an amazing way of stating this concept. He said, “the player looks at the value not the cost.”

But what exactly did he mean by that? Looking at the value not at the cost means that you look at what you’re going to gain from a decision or investment, not just the price tag.

Think about the last time you had to make a financial decision – maybe it was a decision about investing in a program or opportunity. When you saw the price, did you see it as “OMG $10k!” or did you see it as “$10k + the opportunity to learn to set up or grow my business, to connect with amazing women, to grow in confidence, learn how to make more money, change the lives of my family and friends, and more!”?

(The goal is the latter, by the way!)

If you’re not totally there yet, I hear you. Getting to the place where you’re playing big in your biz and not letting money worries keep you stuck takes intentional thought and mindset work. But it’s so incredibly key – and so possible for you.

Let’s look at it this way…

Maybe recently you were wondering about paying for that flight home this Christmas season – was it really worth the inflated price point?! In this instance as well, it can be such a powerful shift to focus on the value (time spent with family and friends) over the cost.

For me, changing the way I looked at the value of things (versus merely the cost) – particularly when it came to investments that could improve my business – was a crucial step in my journey to the success that I’ve been able to reach in my biz. It’s allowed me to fast-track my biz and exceed even my own financial expectations in a relatively short amount of time.

That’s what happens when you focus on the value versus just the cost. You see beyond the numbers and you trust that what you invest will come back to you exponentially.

And you know what? These days, I no longer feel dread about holiday shopping. I have the financial freedom as a successful entrepreneur to treat my family and friends to lovely gifts this time of year – without constantly fretting over price tags. And just the other week, James and I were able to host a gorgeous Christmas dinner party for 11 of our friends and family and spoiled them with a meal prepared by a personal chef in our gorgeous new flat – something I could’ve only dreamed about just a few years ago. (See the pics here!)

And that’s what I want for you too,lovely. I want you to have the freedom to treat your friends and family, and to live a life that you’re excited about every day. (And it’s not just about the gifts, of course – imagine having the freedom to do things like help your parents with retirement, to contribute to a friend’s education, or to do whatever else makes your heart feel all warm and cozy!)

That all begins with focusing on the value of the opportunities in front of you, and not letting fear hold you back. It’s about communicating to the universe that you trust that what you invest will come back to you. It’s about showing up as the woman who’s ready to take things up a notch in your life and biz.

So with the end of 2016 coming quickly, now’s a perfect time to reflect on where you might have focused more on cost than value this year and start flipping the switch on any fearful thinking. Instead, commit to focusing on the value of the opportunities that are sure to come your way in 2017. You have what it takes to create the life and biz that you desire, lovely!

Lots of love,

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