It’s Been 20 Years — I’m Ready to Change

Taking Action

February 20, 2017

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If you’re anything like me, you have massive goals as an entrepreneur, and at some point or another you’ve felt determined to make them happen at nearly all cost.

When I started my business, I was so sick of being in a place of lack in my life that I threw myself into my business 150% – working 80-100 hour weeks, sleeping very little, and having a one-track-mind focused almost solely on growing my biz. Anything less just wasn’t going to cut it, I told myself…

Although I was 100% available for hard work and still am, after two years of living my life like that, I realized it wasn’t actually what I had envisioned for my life. I began to realize that although I no longer lacked the money or the business that I desired, I was instead lacking some other very important things – like self-care and self-love. My health was starting to fall by the wayside and I was being super hard on myself to make everything happen right away which honestly, was pretty exhausting.

(If you didn’t read last week’s email, I share more about my “four months left to live” mentality in that message, so make sure check it out by clicking here.)

But thankfully, I came to the realization I’m in this for the long-haul – and that meant taking care of me, for maybe the first time ever…

(And although I still believe in hard work and moving past upper limits, especially when you’re building momentum or looking to hit a big goal, that’s not what I’m talking about here. )

Growing up, I thought pushing myself was the way to get the results I wanted. Because of that, I developed some self-talk patterns that I thought were helpful at the time (i.e. that’s not good enough, it’s not perfect yet, you can do better). But later, along my entrepreneurial journey, I came to realize that the way I was talking to myself in my head was actually pretty negative and left me feeling beat down rather than inspired…

In a session with one of my coaches recently, I realized I’ve been verbally beating myself, judging myself, or making myself wrong in some form or another for over 20 years.

How sad is that?

Maybe you can relate, lovely.

Maybe your mind is full of “I’m not pretty enough, smart enough, tech-savvy enough, strong enough, (FILL IN THE BLANK) enough” day after day, and minute after minute.

Most of us have the same playlist in our mind on repeat – and most the time, it’s not too pretty.

I recently read the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma, and I was blown away by one line in particular that said:

“You don’t have the luxury of even one negative thought.”

That really affected me when I read it and reminded me the importance of monitoring my thoughts — and that includes the words I say to myself.

If you believe that your thoughts and your words create your reality like I do, that includes self-talk. And trust me, there’s nothing positive or successful about you treating yourself in a way that you’d never treat anyone else.

If you want to be like the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, then it’s essential that you transform the way you treat yourself — starting today.

You have to be your biggest fan and source of love.

Maybe that’s in the form of mantras, positive journaling, post-it notes that bring you joy — you get to decide.

Whatever that is, I encourage you to take that step today toward being your own biggest supporter.

After all, you already have what it takes inside of you to succeed – and loving and caring for yourself along the way will make your successes all the more sweet.

You already are powerful, amazing, beautiful, capable, successful and incredible, lovely. Now it’s time to believe it.

You’ve got this!

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