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What You Being Wealthy Means For The World…

Emily Williams

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My journey into entrepreneurship has led me to a few unexpected (but exciting) things. And the one surprising thing that really stands out to me is that I’ve been drawn so strongly to money mindset work and to making that a big focus of my coaching business.

Believe me, that wasn’t always the plan.

Maybe if you’ve been just recently following me, it may seem that me focusing on work around money and wealth wouldn’t be a huge surprise. (After all, I imagine you’ve probably noticed I’m a big fan old-world luxury hotels, fancy bubbles, and believe in unapologetically following your desires – and I talk about money A LOT. My dad claims that “money” was even the first word I spoke!

But truth be told, just a few years back I had a relationship with money that was totally in the gutter. I was in major debt (I’m talking 6-figures), and I told myself it was probably going to take forever to pay off all of my student loans and credit cards.

I was in a place of total frustration about money, and it really held me back for far too long.

Thankfully though, through taking a risk and working with a coach (even when it didn’t really seem to make sense financially), my eyes were opened to this thing called “money mindset” (which I didn’t even know was a thing back then). It was the start of a total revolution in my perspective – and in my life and business.

Being able to move forward toward my dreams took me deciding that I could no longer hold myself back with beliefs about money and about myself that weren’t serving me. It took work, but I dove into basically every book I could get my hands on about money mindset, wealth consciousness, and and changing long-held beliefs about money.

It’s been quite the journey and a huge transformation for me. But I have no doubt that making that shift in my relationship with money is a huge part of what’s led me to where I am today – running a 7-figure business and working with incredible women around the world.

And it’s so amazing when I hear from someone who’s seen how transformative this kind of money mindset work truly is…

For instance, a couple of weeks ago while James and I were hosting a Mastermind event in Santa Barbara for a group of incredible clients, I had the chance to hear first-hand how this work with money is impacting the world…

One of our clients shared with me that she had found me by doing my I Heart Money self-study course, which helped her make a huge shift in her own perspective about money. A few weeks after she’d completed the course, her husband came to her and said he wanted to send some money to his relatives in Syria to help them escape the ongoing crisis there.

She said that if not for having worked through the I Heart Money self-study course, which helped her start overcome limiting money stories and start to believe in abundance, she would’ve felt it was impossible. Her old money story would’ve brought up thoughts like “We can’t give, we barely have anything ourselves, how can we possibly give money away?”.

But instead, she trusted that abundance was available to her, and she and her husband chose to give the money to his relatives and the were able to help his family members to escape the turmoil in Syria and relocate across the world to be safe.

To me, her story is such a powerful illustration of how transforming your money story impacts the world. Transforming our relationship with money empowers us in our own lives, and it empowers us to impact the lives of others. (And it’s definitely a reminder of how our work spreads further than we think it does!)

That’s why I’ve grown to be so passionate about teaching others about how to shift their own money stories. It truly has been transformative if my own life, and I’ve seen the difference it’s made in the lives of those around me.

We’re not meant to live stressed and worried about money.

As Marianne Williamson says in The Law of Divine Compensation:

“The universe is programmed to support your happiness, and one of the ways it does this is by arranging events so that you won’t have to worry about money. Why? Because you have more important things to do!”

That’s so true! We all only have so much physical and mental energy for each day imagine how much better it feels to not spend that energy worrying about money. I know firsthand that it’s truly life-changing!

So lovely, if you’re in a place like I used to be where your relationship with money feels more like an energy-suck than a source of empowerment, I want you to hear me loud and clear:

Being wealthy is your birthright.

Transforming your relationship is possible, right now, for anyone – and that includes you.

It’s time to drop the struggle and start living.

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