Getting Over My Fear In NYC [Inside Scoop!]


June 5, 2017

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I’m writing to you today from NYC! Woo hoo! The next week is FULL of opportunities and exciting chances to connect with some AMAZING people…

Here’s what’s coming up…

Tomorrow I have a media filming day, where I’m filming features for Fortune, Time, Inc, etc. (woo hoo!)

I’m attending three influencer dinners/parties, where I have the chance to make some incredible new connections and catch up with old ones.

I’m attending a special Mastermind Day with top leaders in our industry at the incredible Business and Publicity Strategist Selena Soo’s home.

I’m hosting an event with Kate Spade at their Madison Avenue store (let us know if you want to join us – it’s on Saturday, June 10th from 5-7pm and it’s FREE!)

I’m hosting an extraordinary mastermind day with my top level Mastermind ladies at The Plaza.

Quite the week, if I do say so myself!

I’m telling you all of this because I’ve learned something super important along my own business journey that I want to share with you today…

People who know me well probably know that I’m not the biggest extrovert and I’m not one to love spending lots of time in crowds – it can feel a bit exhausting and hasn’t always been my favorite thing. And being in front of the video camera still isn’t exactly my cup of tea (that’s a work in progress!).

And maybe you’re also someone who’s felt that traditional “networking” can be a bit awkward and tiresome, or maybe the idea of a media interview makes you break into a cold sweat…

I hear you. It’s only natural to have these sorts of feelings. But we all know that making connections and being visible is key to growing your business.

So, the good news that I’ve learned is this – it’s totally possible to make authentic connections and get visibility for your biz in a way that’s fun and natural (and not awkward)!

It just takes a bit of a mindset shift. Here’s what I mean…

Lovely as you probably know, when it comes to entrepreneurship it can be a lonely journey if you’re trying to do it all solo. I quickly realized that it’s so important to show up and build new relationships if you want to make this journey work and actually enjoy the process…

And that realization is what helped me shift my feelings about big groups, networking, and interviewing away from a place of nervousness and dread. Instead, I began looking at these opportunities as a chance to find new, amazing business companions and confidants. It’s a chance to meet incredible people who I can lean on, learn from, and offer my support to throughout our journeys. And of course a way to really spread the IHML Movement…

When I look at it that way, it all actually feels pretty exciting!

This shift has made a huge difference for me, and if you’re struggling today with nervousness or dread when it comes to visibility or making new biz connections then I encourage you to give this mindset shift a try…

The next time an opportunity to make new connections (or do an interview, etc.) arises, think about the amazing people out there who’re just waiting to meet you – to be your next big supporter, encourager, or promoter. Really give this mental exercise a chance – I’m confident you’ll see a shift in how you feel.

Getting visible in your biz is truly not about mingling awkwardly in a room, or fumbling your way through a series of questions in an interview – it’s about you finding your business soulmates and showing the world the incredible gifts you have to offer!

So lovely, will you commit today to seize the next visibility opportunity that comes your way? What can you do right now to shift how you’ve been looking at making connections in your biz?

Trust me, if I can have a week full of interviews and live events and get massively visible in my biz, then I know you can too.

You’ve got this!

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