How To Deal With Dream Doubters


June 19, 2017

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One of the fears that’s often voiced by my newbie entrepreneur clients, is the fear that the people in their lives aren’t going to get their dreams. Maybe you can relate, lovely.

You know you’re meant for something big but you wonder if people are really going to get it. And if they don’t, how can you possibly really go for it?!

I hear you…

This past week, I’ve been in Ohio visiting my own family. And the truth is, not everyone gets what I do. Not everyone supports my mission. Some people think I’m only in it for the money.

Especially in the beginning of building my business, there were times when experiencing that disbelief was difficult for me…

I remember one particular Christmas when I excitedly showed my 84-year-old grandpa my website. I pulled up and waited for a proud expression to come over his face. After all, he was an entrepreneur from a young age too. I was devastated when he didn’t get it and literally ran upstairs crying. (In retrospect, why would he get it?! He doesn’t even know how to use a computer and isn’t familiar with coaching!)

But I’ve also had a lot of support and have seen the ripple effect that me going for my dreams has had on my loved ones which is what I want to focus on today…

For instance, both of my parents have told me I’ve inspired them to pursue new businesses using online business models that they’d never thought of previously (which is a pretty cool thing to hear from your own parents!).

Also, because of my business I’ve been able to spoil friends and cousins when they come to visit or when I visit them (something I always wanted to be able to do) and have showed countless friends what’s possible in the online space.

And not only that, my in-laws are my biggest supporters. They read my newsletters (hi guys!), have been on my webinars and follow all the media opportunities that are coming my way. And they’ll be the first to admit that my business was honestly not something that they really “got” or fully understood in the beginning.

Truly, when you’re starting out in something new, it’s going to be the case that some people don’t quite understand or “get” you – and that’s ok! You can’t let that bring up doubts or hold you back. You have to focus on those people who do get you.

The reality is, your parents and grandparents most likely aren’t your ideal client anyway, so although we hope they’ll come around and lend their support one day in the near future (and believe me it’s possible!) focus on those who you’re meant to serve.

And remember, you making the decision to go after your dreams is going to make waves in your family members’ lives, your friends’ lives, and even in the lives of acquaintances and people you don’t even really know. You never know who’s watching and who needs to see you truly show up in the world to give themselves permission to do the same.

Lovely, you deciding to no longer wait for things to happen and take action on behalf of your dreams means you’ll be able to make a positive impact not only for yourself, but for so many others by sharing your gifts and setting an example of what’s possible.

You going after your dreams doesn’t have to wait – it can start today. It just means making the decision to take action and give it a try. People may think you’re crazy or not understand you at first, but that’s ok – in fact, that’s normal!

So lovely, I encourage you today to keep doing your thing and going after your dreams. As Marie Forleo says, “The world needs those special gifts that only you have”.

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