“When I Win The Lottery…”


June 15, 2017

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Last Tuesday, my dream (one I actually didn’t know I had until this year) came true. I went to the Time Inc. building in NYC and filmed segments for Money…

I honestly can’t remember exactly what I said, but I do know it was one of the best experiences of my career thus far, and I can’t wait to do it again! The opportunity to put my message out there and take my brand to the next level was so exciting and I gotta say, I can’t wait for more TV and video opportunities (which is super surprising for the girl who found filming her first video series to be the hardest experience ever!).

On that particular day in the afternoon, I went to Kate Spade to try on some clothes for the event I was hosting with them that weekend. I decided to spend a bit more time on Madison Avenue (why not?!) so I walked down to the Chanel store.

As I left the store, I experienced something that reminded me why I do what I do…

I saw a mom look at her 5-year-old daughter, point to the Chanel store and say “Ha! When I win the lottery!”. Then there was a series of laughing and another mom and daughter who happened to be walking by chimed in and agreed with her.

Lovely, that experience affected me, and inspired me to write this message to you today. It also brought these questions to the forefront of my mind…

1. How are we limiting ourselves and in what ways are we telling ourselves that something is only possible if we happen to win the lottery, we get lucky or somehow get a break in the world? Now I’m not saying everyone needs to want to shop at Chanel — designer clothes might not excite you at all — but what are you allowing yourself to believe is only meant for those who win the lottery? Starting your own business? A trip around the world? Filming segments for an online publication to get an important message out there? Shopping at Whole Foods? I don’t know about you, but I don’t actually know any lottery winners, yet I know A TON of people doing all of those things — myself included.

2. What are we teaching our children about what’s possible? When it comes to money mindset and most of our beliefs, they are formed when we are children based on what we learn from our parents and society. So if you’re teaching your kids that certain opportunities are only for the “lucky” ones or for “rich” people, they’re going to grow up believing just that. How would lives change, especially when it comes to money, if we started teaching our children to believe anything is possible through their own efforts — not through luck or marrying rich? And to start to believe in abundance, not limitations.

And it wasn’t just that experience that was a reminder that anything is possible. Take a look at what else happened during my week in NYC…

I got to attend an influencer dinner with incredible women like Oprah’s monthly Money Columnist at O The Oprah Magazine, the Report & Producer at Yahoo Finance, the Deputy Style Director at PEOPLE Magazine and the list goes on!

Then I got to spend time with some incredible 6 and 7-figure business owners at an exclusive Mastermind Day at top Publicity and Business Strategist Selena Soo’s home…

James and I also attended an amazing 5-year business anniversary party for Selena where we got to hang out with rockstars like Derek Halpern, Ramit Sethi and other industry leaders.

And yes, I had my own Kate Spade event which was an absolute dream come true. I got to meet women in the IHML community who are driven, moving forward with their dreams and believing that they can change their lives and the world…

And finally, I hosted my Level 2 Mastermind clients at The Plaza Hotel on Monday and Selena Soo was our special guest expert. These are women who have invested $50,000 to work with James and me at this level, and they are absolutely amazing. We have Rachel Allen McMichael who is helping women all around the world with their tech and Facebook ads needs, Noor Hibbert is working with mumpreneurs start their dream online coaching or Amazon business, Janelle Mason is a powerhouse business and mindset coach for driven women, Wendy Schneider Gless is a master manifestor of love and money and Erica Marie Walters helps women get healthy, lose weight and finally feel how they want to feel.

I hope this inspires you today, lovely. I started working with clients less than three years ago — and look at how many doors and opportunities have opened for me in the past week alone without the lottery tickets.

If I can do it, you can too. Let this be the day you start believing that and take action on behalf of your dreams.

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