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We're a media, education and lifestyle company that supports you in elevating every area of your life. I started IHML in 2014 out of my own desire to love myself and my life. Welcome. We're glad you're here.
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One of the very best parts of going after my dreams and running my own business has been the incredible clients who’ve trusted me to help guide them on their own journeys. Each woman who I’ve had the honor of having has a client has a special place in my heart. They’ve brought me tears of joy at seeing them overcome obstacles and reach their goals, as well as lots of laughs at the excitement and enthusiasm they share with me.

Every client is a reminder that my big dreams truly were meant for me – that putting myself and my gifts out there to the world, despite the struggles and fears that come with entrepreneurship, has been totally worth it.

One amazing client of mine, Sarah Byrd, recently reminded me that clients are out there who’re not only waiting for you to show up, but who will actually be excited and happy about paying you and filling out your contract!

Sarah had been part of past IHML programs, and wanted to continue working together. When I handed Sarah a contract for the next round of I Heart Coaching, her response caught me by surprise when she said, “Oh amazing! Thank you! I’m so excited for this!”.

I was confused and worried that she didn’t know what I was handing her. “You know this is a contract, right?!” I asked.

She said yes and that she was so excited by the opportunity to continue working together.

I quickly realized that she was the perfect example of what’s possible when we truly put ourselves and our businesses out into the world.

You may think that people are going to resent you for making them pay money and sign a contract, but what if you flipped the switch on that and realized that they need your help? They need the service you’re providing? You’re supporting them in making their dreams (or whatever result they desire) possible! How amazing is that?!

I then told Sarah, “Imagine how it will feel when your clients have the same reaction to your contract!”.

I asked Sarah to share a bit about that, and here’s what she had to say:

“That really set it in how important the work I’m doing is. It reminded me that I have major potential to change the world and people’s lives in big ways. Just like Emily’s done for me!

I remember enrolling in the I Heart Coaching program for the first time. I was in Venice, and I was only there because I had taken the I Heart Money self-study course, and had transformed my money mindset enough for me to take a vacation to Italy! I went out for a ‘Celebratory’ drink of wine, but it really was an ‘I can’t believe I just invested that much money in myself!’ drink.

Now, I wouldn’t even bat an eye at investing that amount into my business and my personal development. In fact, when I enrolled in the current round of IHC [as part of the Alumni program] I was so eager to put down the deposit and squealed when I got the contract! I was so happy to be in a position where I loved myself enough and had found my life purpose that I would happily invest in more work with Emily.

Before working with Emily and James, I wanted so bad to find my passion. I knew I wanted to help others, but I didn’t believe that I was important in the world. I thought, who was I to help others? Who would want to work with me? I didn’t think I had anything to offer the world, and so I didn’t think I would ever make a difference…

I now recognize my unique gifts that I can offer the world. I have stepped into my confidence on a whole new level, and am excited to impact people’s lives! I have seen how my client’s lives have totally transformed, all because I had the courage to fully show up.”

Amazing, right?! I love that Sarah has had such incredible realizations of the amazing things she has to offer the world.

And lovely, I want those same realizations to happen for you, too. I’d be willing to bet that if you’re anything like me and Sarah, you have big dreams also. But maybe you’re still wondering if you’ve got what it takes to make those dreams happen, or wondering if there are any clients left out there for you…

Trust me, you have what it takes, and there are plenty of people out there in the world just waiting for you to show up and offer them the opportunity to pay you and fill out your contract!

Lovely, you have a unique set of gifts and abilities that could be just what your ideal client has been searching for. Don’t let limiting thoughts (like “who would want to work with me?” “who am I to help others?” etc.) hold you back from your dreams any longer.

If I can find amazing clients and make my big dreams a reality, then I know you can, too! You’ve got this, lovely!

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