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5 Things To Do When No One’s Buying…

Emily Williams

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You’ve probably heard me mention that when I was starting out in my business, I literally had 54 no’s in a row from potential clients after hosting discovery calls with each of them…


That’s a pretty big number of no’s if you ask me, and I’m not gonna lie – it wasn’t fun at the time facing all that rejection. Obviously, as a new coach at the time I was hoping for yes’s and lots of new amazing clients…

But in hindsight, I learned valuable lessons from that rejection streak that shaped the future of my business. I learned about the power of persistence, the importance of staying the course, and ways that I needed to tweak my approach.

And the truth is, there’s always going to be a time when it seems like things aren’t happening fast enough, a launch that doesn’t go as planned, and a program that flops. And that’s okay!

So if you’re struggling with getting sales in your biz, here are five major lessons I’ve learned from that experience and over the course of my business that you can implement starting now:

1. Remember, people are still watching so keep putting yourself out there. After those 54 no’s, it would’ve been easy to second-guess myself and quit putting myself and my business out there – but I didn’t. I knew I was meant for something bigger, and I trusted that the clients would come so I continued to be persistent in sharing my message and my offerings.

And I see the fruits of this even today in my biz as a 7-figure coach. For instance, I’ve had multiple ladies who just joined the new round of I Heart Coaching tell me that they’ve been following me and the IHML brand and wanting to sign up for months (or even years) and they finally did. You never know who’s watching and waiting for the moment they feel led to take action.

2. Ask them why. Find out why people decided not to sign up for whatever it is that you’re offering. (Most people appreciate being asked for their input, so don’t be shy about this!) For example, I send out an email survey to everyone who opts in for I Heart Coaching emails but doesn’t sign up in the end, to find out what held them back so I can better address those things going forward.

Here’s a typical survey question I include:

3. Take a look at your urgency factor. Is your offer time sensitive? Is there any way to add in another bonus or make this a no-brainer? Sometimes that’s also a way to increase your confidence level and show your client the massive value that you’re going to offer.

4. Are you excited about what you’re offering, or are you just doing it for the money? Most of us desire to bring in big money in our business, but that can’t be your only motivation – people want to know they’re hiring someone who’s passionate about what they’re offering and excited to work with them. And let’s face it – you need that excitement and passion to carry you through the not-so-glamorous moments of being an entrepreneur. So be sure to share your excitement and passion when you communicate with your potential clients (and make sure it’s genuine!) And if you’re not feeling the excitement, maybe now’s a great time to consider what needs to change.

5. Reach out personally. Especially in a high-priced, high-level program, personal touch is key. For example, nearly all of the women who joined our IHML Mastermind program are clients who we’d worked with previously. So, my approach was to reach out personally to those I thought this opportunity would be perfect for, and it was that personal connection that enabled me to bring clients into that program. Don’t discount the impact of what a personal touch can do in connecting with your potential clients.

All five of these things are totally doable for you and can make a massive shift in building the biz and clientele that you desire. You can do this!

And by the way, speaking of the IHML Mastermind, I invite you to join me this week on the IHML Facebook page, where I’ll be coming to you via Facebook Live from the Ritz in Paris at our IHML Mastermind Event!

The ladies who’ll be attending the event are women who’ve not let “no’s” along their journey stop them from moving forward. In fact, they’ve implemented all five of my tips above (and then some!) and have seen massive transformation in their lives and businesses.

And in case you were wondering, yes, they’re women just like you – regular women with big dreams who desired greater things for their journeys…

And if they can create a life and biz that they love, then it’s possible for you too!

Speak soon, lovely!

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