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Emily Williams


Why “There Aren’t Enough Clients” Is BS…

Emily Williams

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I had the most extraordinary time in Paris last week where I hosted a live event for the IHML Mastermind clients! These ladies always blow me away with their passion and perseverance, and it’s such an honor to support them on their journeys and witness massive breakthroughs in their lives and businesses. Here’s some behind-the-scenes shots..

And you know what? These women are no different from you, lovely. They’re from various walks of life, backgrounds, and countries. They have families to support, bigger dreams they want to achieve, and they’ve each had their share of challenges and struggles along their entrepreneurial journey…

And although these ladies are part of my high-level program now, it’s important to remember that each of these women started out from square one – just like you and just like me.

One thing I often hear that holds women back from starting their dream biz is a fear around there not being enough clients to go around. That the coaching market is “saturated” and that they’re afraid that what they want to do has already been done, that no one will want to hire them, and that maybe it’s just too risky…

Maybe you can relate, lovely.

Well, I’m here to tell you that the women in my Mastermind program are living examples of what’s possible for you. And if they can start businesses, find amazing clients, and do what they love, then why can’t you?!

In fact, even though each of these ladies are doing unique things with their businesses there is still some overlap in what they do – yet they’ve all been able to find clients they love working with, and their businesses are continuing to grow and thrive.

For instance, Lynne Taggart was asked to speak on stage and support spiritual entrepreneurs in building their businesses, Amber-Lee Lyons had a $50k launch with her Chakra Girl Business School and Sofie Von Marricks just had her biggest two months in sales EVER working with driven female business owners…

You see, lovely?! There are clients out there for everyone – and that includes you! The person you’re meant to serve is just waiting for you to put things in motion so they can benefit from your unique strengths, gifts, and knowledge.

And you may be surprised to hear that it only takes a small percentage of the market for you to hit your financial goals.

For example, during the Mastermind event, I covered how many clients it took for me to hit the 7-figure level and the ladies at the event were surprised because it’s such a low number.

When I broke down the amount of program spots and infoproducts I sold, they were blown away by how possible it seemed for them too.

So that fear of “not enough clients to go around” is no longer an excuse, especially since there are now 3.5 billion people online (and that number is rapidly increasing). That’s plenty of clients to go around! (And believe me, it takes far fewer clients than you think to hit 7-figures!)

Your ideal clients are out there just waiting for you to show up. So, what can you do starting today to start being visible and begin your journey toward your dreams? What can you implement right now to begin building a business that will attract the clients you desire?

The best time to take action toward your dreams is right now (not years from now). So what are you waiting for, lovely? If I can do this, if the ladies I mentioned above can do this, then you can too.

You have what it takes to create an extraordinary life and business, lovely. I believe in you!

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