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My Biggest Takeaways From A Room Of Billionaires (Day 1)

Emily Williams

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The past four days, I’ve spent at The Titan Summit: The Ultimate Mastermind for Ultra-Achievers.

I’ll be honest with you lovely, my intention was to be on Facebook LIVE every day sharing my takeaways with you and the IHML community.

However, once I got here, I quickly realized that I needed to give my full attention to myself and the process of this $10,000 (yet also priceless) experience.

You may think this was a selfish move, but I’ve found that sometimes (actually all the time!), it’s okay to give to yourself first. In fact, you can’t possibly give to others unless you’re first taken care of.

Also, I’m starting to realize that in a world and industry where everything seems to be public domain, there are some experiences that deserve to be kept close to your chest. There are times where Facebook LIVE, Instagram Stories, constant tweets just aren’t a fit for what you’re experiencing and the transformation you’re in the midst of. And that’s okay. Not everything has to be shared in real-time, lovely. I was here to become a better coach, leader, business owner and to do the inner work required to live my purpose and serve you deeper — and that required space.

But of course, per usual, everything I’ve been taught, I want to share with you too, so today, having come out of my cocoon, I’m excited to do just that, here in this email. (Actually, I’ll be sending a series of emails over the next few weeks. So make sure you stay tuned and follow along to learn all about my lessons from being in a room with billionaires and world-class entrepreneurs and speakers.)

The Titan Summit is made up of four incredible days of inspiration and content. Here’s the breakdown:

Day 1: Elite Performance + Personal Mastery

Day 2: Rare-Air Health + Maximum Longevity

Day 3: Exponential Business Results + Creating a World-Class Company

Day 4: Elevating the World + Making History

Today, we’re going to talk about Day 1.

Since it’s difficult to sum up everything that Robin Sharma opened the conference speaking about, here are my favorite quotes and concepts (RS) and the questions (Q) that I recommend you ask yourself.

To get the most results and experience a little bit of what I experienced, I suggest you handwrite all of these concepts and then answer the questions below this week.

Here we go…

RS: “Stop wishing there were more heroes in the room, and you become one of them.”

Q: How are you “wishing” when it comes to your dreams or the change you want to see in the world? How can you make more of an impact?

RS: “Part-time commitment will never deliver world-class achievement.”

Q. How committed are you to your dreams? (Hint: You can be full-time even if you’re in a temporary full-time job.)

RS. “One day I wish…”

Q. Again, how often are you wishing or saying “one day” instead of making your dreams happen now?

RS. “To have the results only 5% of people have, you have to be willing to do what only 5% of people will do.”

Q. It’s simple: Are you in the comfort zone of the 95% or with the 5%?

RS. “If you want to double or triple your income, double or triple your investment in personal mastery.”

Q. You say you want results, but how much are you actually investing in yourself and in doing the work?

RS. “You have to believe in you, or else no one else will.”

Q. Do you really believe in you or are you full of self-doubt? What’s it going to take to change that? Who do you need to hire to help you?

RS. And the method of using Joy as a GPS. (I’m going to be teaching this to my I Heart Success students when we start in January. You can apply now if you want to learn more about that and work with me directly.)

We also heard from an incredible painter name Alyssa Monks who brought me to tears with the concept of making sure to pair emotion and knowledge to create your most important work. She inspired me to really move full speed ahead with another book I’m called to write.

And then of course, there was the 79-year-old Ben Zander, a top orchestra conductor whose energy was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. He talked about exclaiming “How fascinating!” when you make mistakes or fail and realize that possibility is always just one sentence away.

So there you have it — Day 1!

I hope this is helpful for you to read lovely. Hit respond and let me know what your favorite concept is.

Like I said, make sure to take action on this content to get big results in your life and business.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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