Your Earth Angels Are All Around You (Day 2)


December 14, 2017

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As promised, I wanted to pop into you inbox to share my Day 2 takeaways from the Titan Summit.

So Day 2: Rare-Air Health + Maximum Longevity — started with one of my favorite humans on the planet — Dr. James Rouse.

But before we get into that, let me share an ah-ha moment recently had pertaining to Dr. James and you, lovely…

One of the realizations I had at the Titan Summit is that so many of my best decisions have been made on a whim — not really on a whim but through following my heart and my intuition vs. listening to my mind.

Besides following my heart to London, there have been quite a few examples of this over the years…

Last fall, my James took me to Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy. You may remember that I wasn’t sold on the experience and told James I’d give it a day or two but ended up attending all four of the conference days.

At the conference, we got to see Robin Sharma (the Founder of The Titan Summit) speak on stage and at one point, he flashed a photo of The Titan Summit. I assume that was intentional, but he never even acknowledged his event or that there was a photo of it on screen for that split second, so who knows.

I do know that that second was all I needed to immediately know I had to be there.

Then and there, I went into the hall and purchased a ticket on my phone. It was $7500 — money I hadn’t expected to spend that day, but I knew I had to make it happen.

Long story short, at the Titan Summit 2016, we ended up meeting Dr. James Rouse at the conference when he interrupted a Facebook LIVE I was doing in the hall. You can see that here.

Later on, his presentation blew me away and I knew I needed to work with him. I had no idea whether he was even taking on clients — after all, he runs a few businesses and is a very busy guy — but I knew I had to ask.

Over the past year, I’ve worked with Dr. James on topics such as self-love, health and wellness and mindset. He’s one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met, and has forever changed my life.

So getting to see him again in Toronto was such a blessing.

During his presentation, Dr. James reminded us that the world would love for us to dim our light.

Then he said something I’ll never forget, he said:

If you’re in a room where you’re being asked to dim your light, graciously leave the room.

So today, I invite you to answer this question: How are you dimming your light or trying to fit in when you know you were born to stand out?

Do you have people in your life who believe in you? Do you have people in your life who encourage you to shine? If not, what’s that costing you? Your purpose? Mission? Vision? Fortune?

You see, Dr. James knows a thing or two about dimming his light. When he was younger he worked as a truck driver and even a gas station attendant.

One night, changed his life forever when a stranger at the station pulled up and said to him “If I see you here tomorrow, I’m going to kick you a**.” In other words, this is not your purpose. Get out of here.

At dinner, Dr. James talked about earth angels and how they will find you if your heart is pointed in the right direction. That man was his earth angel.

How beautiful is that?

And lovely, I know Dr. James is that earth angel for me.

So what about you? Are all signs pointing you in a different direction, yet you’re scared to answer the calling?

Life is not about finding a way to be average and fit in, lovely. I know you know that, but maybe today, you need to hear that again.

I urge you to act NOW.

Follow your gut and intuition. Don’t let your mind or fear take the reigns.

I believe in you!

Looking forward to sharing more from Day 3 on Monday.

Speak soon, lovely!

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