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January 15, 2018

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We’re only two weeks into January, and I have to admit that I’ve accomplished more in 15 days than most people do in two months. Literally.

I’m so fired up about this year, and in working with our new coach, we’re learning so much and taking massive action to scale and serve in an even bigger way this year.

Needless to say, I’m excited.

Yet, one thing I recognize about myself is this innate need for more, more, more. And although I’ve accepted that and see it as a good thing, I also know that it’s important to not miss or forget to acknowledge what I’ve done well, before moving onto the next task or milestone.

Maybe you can relate, lovely.

In all of our programs at IHML, we have a tradition of celebrating with Success Friday’s. Our clients share what their successes are that week and what they’re proud of or excited by.

The amazing thing is that this not only impacts the person sharing the success, it impacts the other ladies in the group reading the success.

For example, one of the clients in our I Heart Success program, experienced this tradition for the first time and said…

“I’m so grateful for this thread. What an amazing thing to wake up to on a Saturday morning! Thank you Emily and everyone for sharing your successes. Feeling inspired!!”

I found that in the group I’m a part of too; success brings the vibration of the group up. It shows you what’s possible. It literally helps you soar to new heights when you see what other people are doing.

My guest this week on the IHML Show Niyc Pidgeon is a Positive Psychologist. On the episode we filmed (released today on America Out Loud at 1pm GMT/8am EST and Thursday on my YouTube Channel) we talked about the science behind celebrating your successes and why it’s so important.

Niyc explains the benefits: “There’s evidence to show that when you celebrate your strengths, you become stronger and more successful, people actually build better relationships with you, you reach your goals so much faster, and you’re physically and mentally healthier as well. It’s not just a women’s empowerment thing, but it’s a scientific thing as well. It really, really does help.”

So today, I want to invite you to acknowledge your own successes. Pause for a second and think of one thing you’re proud of right now from the past week…


I also wanted to share what my clients are up to to inspire you, lovely. These are real, live successes (and they’re possible for you too!)…

“I’m celebrating that I booked 25K worth of business for February from Monday to Thursday, and after that success, decided to take Friday off to spend all day snowboarding with the family.”

“I am also celebrating a client asking me to run a group session at a mountain house gathering he is cultivating, an offer to be on a podcast, and a friend asking to collaborate with his high net-worth real estate investors community.”

“My book just went live on Amazon this week:-)”

“I re enrolled a client at my new rates!!!”

So what are you celebrating today? How can you make Success Friday’s part of your weekly (or even daily) practice? How will that transform your life and business?

Celebrating you today lovely!

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