What 5 Days In A 5 Mil Chalet Has Taught Me


February 5, 2018

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James and I are still in the Alps as I’m writing this in a 5 million euro chalet.

I poured myself a gorgeous cup of coffee and am sitting at the table looking out at the snow thinking about you, lovely.

I’ve put a lot of pressure on this message today, because after all, we’ve had a beautiful time in this stunning part of the world, and I want to share all my biggest takeaways with you and express what this week has taught me.

But I know we have time — and whatever is meant to be shared will be shared now and over time.

(Hopefully you’re with me on that!)

So here are my top five takeaways from 5 days (so far)…

(Plus! I’ve included some corresponding questions for you to answer to get some big shifts from this message. I recommend you take a few minutes and write down your answers.)

1) You don’t have to worry. The week before we arrived, I watched the weather report like a hawk. At first, it said it was going to snow every day. Then it said rain. Then no snow at all. (In case you don’t know me, I was reaaallllly hoping for snow.) The first morning, we woke up to tons of snow. My wish came true. Obviously this is a very simple example of the importance of releasing worry that pertains to the big stuff too. What I’ve learned in my business over the past few years is that worry does happen, and some of the things I’ve worried about have come true, but I’ve also been able to handle them. You’re stronger than you think, lovely.

Ask: Where is worry taking over your life? Where are you spending too much time and energy worrying? How’s it affecting you? What action do you want to take despite the worry?

2) Money + people to share your moments with is really the dream. Most of the conversations James and I had about coming back here involved planning trips with other people — a retreat for our clients, a couple’s trip and even bringing our extended family here — it’s so much better to share your experiences with others especially as you start to really live the life of your dreams and create some truly magic moments.

Ask: What does this mean to you? What experiences and moments do you want to share with people in your life? What would you getting rich mean for your friends and family? What about for future generations? Remember, it’s not just about you.

3) Get support in every area of your life — not just business. A daily housekeeper is our new non-negotiable. Every day here in the chalet, there was a house manager who came to deliver us pastries and fresh bread. (Swoon!) Then in the afternoon, two housekeepers came to tidy up and clean. So often, after a long day in London, we (let’s be real – it’s normally James) spend a good hour cleaning up our house and the kitchen. Although we have a cleaner once a week, that extra set of hands every day would mean that we could do more of what matters. Right now, we’re the head of a business and the head of dish-duty. Not ideal. I’m committed to changing that.

Ask: Where in your life do you need support? What are you doing that you know you shouldn’t be doing anymore? What’s taking you away from your mission?

4) Follow your fear with marketing. If you’re scared to post something or tell a story, 9/10 times you should do it. Vulnerability is powerful and can created a strong connection. Remember, whatever is personal, is universal. What I’m referring to is the post I put on Instagram of me wearing a bikini. Note: It’s not about the bikini. (See below.)

(Click here to view my special message)

Ask: Do people really know you? Where can you reveal more? Where can you stop holding back? What have you been wanting to share that you haven’t yet?

5) You only live once. If we’re not living the life we want, what are we really doing? Get out of the box and experience life. So often, we’re tempted to stay within the box. If we don’t personally know anyone doing what we want to do or feel like our dreams are too lofty, we limit ourselves and ignore what’s really calling us. But that’s not the way to get the life and business you’ve always wanted, lovely or to share your unique gifts with the world. You have to take chances. You have to follow your heart. You have to take action on behalf of your dreams (despite a lack of confidence, doubt, people telling you you’re crazy or whatever else is holding you back).

Ask: Where are you in the box? What do you really want to do that you’re not allowing yourself to even entertain? What would change if you took action instead? What’s it going to take for that to happen?

This week has taught me (once again) that anything is possible.

All of that is the mindset that’s gotten me here, lovely. That’s what’s supported me in creating over million dollars in sales year after year, traveling the world, allowing my hubby to leave his 9-5 and join me in the business, and changing the lives of women all across the planet.

Maybe you’re so ready to start a business, be able to create your own schedule, and work from your laptop so you can stay in a breathtaking location.

Maybe you’re ready to escape counting every penny and feel free.

It’s possible for you too.

The truth is, whatever’s in your heart is meant for you.

Trust that and take action on behalf of your dreams starting today.

You’ve got this, lovely.

Speak to you soon!

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