Not Enough Time? Check Out My Huge Breakthrough That Shifted This Belief


April 17, 2018

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Last week, I completed the final stage of my settlement application to eventually become a British citizen. I went to an in person location for my appointment and ended up spending about five hours waiting for everything to be processed.

It was not exactly a fun experience, but it had to be done and after over seven years in the UK, I’m almost there!

Spending so much time there (much more than expected) made me think of just that — time.

Working with a lot of female entrepreneurs means that subject of time comes up a lot, and most of us have a challenging relationship with time.

I often hear…

I don’t have enough.

I don’t know how to spend my time to get the most results.

I’m running behind or not far enough along.

I don’t know if I’m ready.

I feel like an imposter and need more time.

I have to spend time getting another qualification before I put myself out there.

You get the idea, lovely, and if you’re anything like me, you probably resonate with all of those statements.

But what hit me while I was waiting for my turn to be up at the immigration office, was that we’re actually really lucky if we feel that way.

Stick with me…

That day in the immigration building, I realized that unlike normal workdays, I just wanted time to go by quickly. I wanted to be out of there. I couldn’t wait to go home.

And when I looked across the room, I saw that so many other people felt the same way — including those who were there working at the building.

The staff seemed to be waiting for their break or for the hour when they finally got to go home.

And it made me wonder, how many people on earth are just trying to pass the time?

Pass the time.

Can you believe we ever feel like that seeing that we have this ONE life to live?

I know, right?

If we’re one of the ones that know we’re meant to do such amazing and big work that it literally evokes fear in us, and we’re scared we may run out of time…

…then, lovely we’re one of the lucky ones.

I hope you hear what I’m saying.

Trust me, I know it’s challenging, so let me help you work through this no matter which camp you fall in at the current moment…

If you’re not spending time doing work you love (yet) – read this

If you feel called for a different relationship with time — one where you are able to control your own schedule, make your own hours and literally love what you do so much that you wish you had more time to do it, just know it’s possible. Take one step towards that today — buy the URL, invest in a course, get the book — do something to change your reality. And remember, your current reality isn’t an indication of your future one.

If you’re running your side-hustle while in a 9-5 – read this

If you’re in between running your business full-time and still in a 9-5 job or temporary position to fund your dreams, remember, you’re on the right path and it’s on its way. Right now, your current reality is going to make you so grateful of the new reality when it arrives. And for now, practice finding gratitude each and every day. If you have that job, that means you have funds to invest in your business and move it forward. Woo hoo!

If you’re working in your biz full-time – read this

And if you’re currently running your business full-time or living your dreams yet always complaining about not having a enough time, why not flip the switch on your thinking? Remember that you’re blessed to have found something you love that you want to spend more time on..! Isn’t that so true?!

So today, lovely, here’s to time and spending it doing something that lights you up — something that impacts the world and is worth your precious time. After all, we only have one life and I don’t want you wishing it away…

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