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How to Get Over Your Addiction to Giving and Ask for What You Want

Emily Williams

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Do you feel like you are constantly giving in your business, without getting much in return? (You may not even know you’re doing this!)  Are you ready to start asking for what you want, so you can build powerful connections and become a leader in your industry? If so, then today’s episode is for you! In this episode of the IHML Show, we are chatting with Michael Roderick, founder of Small Pond Enterprises, a company that works at the intersection of relationship building and thought leadership

Michael began his career as a high school English teacher, doing theatre as a hobby in his off time. But when he started building connections within his network and asking for what he wanted, his theatre hobby quickly grew into something much bigger. He realized the key to his rapid success was taking a step outside his comfort zone and asking for what he wanted. It was through this practice that Michael realized “asking” was just as important as “giving” within his business and networks. Through practice, Michael found the perfect balance between the two and now teaches individuals that same methodology, so they can build networks of like-minded people and unforgettable brands.

During this episode, you’ll learn how to leave the “connection rich and cash-poor” cycle behind and move your business forward with incredible momentum. You’ll be inspired to take action toward your dreams, follow your fear and ask for what you want.

During this episode we’re going to cover…

  • How his natural talent of connecting people helped him become a Broadway producer
  • Why giving is so addictive and how to crave your giver’s fix less and less
  • The importance of giving AND asking in your networks and relationships
  • Why hosting is one of the best ways to get over anxiety and build up your social energy and connections
  • Michaels tips for standing out and becoming a referable brand
  • Why his key to creating a life better than his dreams is reflection

One of my favorite quotes from this episode is this:

We actually get a rush as a result of that giving. So what happens for a lot of people is they actually get hooked on giving. So every single time that they give they get that rush. But if they ask there is no chemical reaction associated with asking. So what tends to happen is just like an addict we are like searching for our next fix. We just give and give and give and help people and we’re just like oh my god I feel so great, I feel so wonderful. but then we’re never letting people know what it is that we actually need and once that happens we get into this place of where so everybody loves us and we’re connection rich and in many cases cash-poor.” – Michael Roderick


Michael Roderick is the founder of Small Pond Enterprises, a company that works at the intersection of relationship building and thought leadership. He helps thoughtful givers become thought leaders through the same methodology he used to go from being a high school English teacher to a Broadway producer in under two years. He is also the founder of ConnectorCon as well as the host of the podcast Access to Anyone.


Tune into the I Heart My Life Show with Success Coach Emily Williams to learn how to design a life you love, manifest more success and wealth, move past fear and blocks and create joy in your life and business. Emily and her world-renowned guests will help you create a life that’s better than your dreams and give you tangible action steps to get there — quickly. She’ll cut through the fluff and share what’s worked for her and the world’s most successful people. She believes that success is an inside job — not just about another strategy. The I Heart My Life Show will help you finally heart your life, experience extraordinary success, make more money, live according to your own desires and give you permission to go after what you really want.

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