More People are Becoming Millionaires than Ever Before and You Could Too


October 15, 2018

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There are now 36 million millionaires in the world — a 170% jump in total numbers from the year 2000 (Inc in reference to Credit Suisse’s new Global Wealth Report 2017).

The article also states that people “are generally getting wealthier overall. In 2017, global average wealth hit a new high of $56,540, compared to $52,074 in 2007.”

Are you surprised?

So often we hear the opposite.

Making money is hard.
Money doesn’t grow on trees.
The only way to become a millionaire is to win the lottery.

But the real truth is that making money has never been easier, lovely. And frankly, if you’re in the Western World and want to make more money, there’s no excuse. The Internet means that anything is possible for you.

But as we talked about previously, it’s not just about the Internet and it’s definitely not just about taking action.

Making money requires a deeper look at what’s going on beneath the surface.

We now have information that previous generations weren’t aware of that allows us to do that.

We are now capable of rewriting the money script that for hundreds of years, has held so many of us back.

Of course this information existed years ago via some of the great thought leaders, but it wasn’t as accepted and the method of getting content out into the world wasn’t what it is today so very few people knew about it.

That’s why I’m so grateful to be a woman in 2018. We have a chance to not only rewrite our own story, but the story for generations to come when it comes to wealth and money.

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you probably know that within 18 months of getting my first client, I hit 7-figures in my business.

And the truth is, although it may seem like that’s an overnight success story; it really wasn’t.

During those 18 months, I was taking massive action — and it wasn’t just writing emails, creating courses or hosting teleclasses, it was the inside work as well.

Let me give you an example…

When I was growing up, my family told me about my wealthy great-uncle out in California. He moved from Ohio as a 20-something young man and started his life in Beverly Hills. For years, he worked his way up in the film industry, and ended up being incredibly successful. (He even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a picture with George Clooney in his office!)

Growing up, I remember hearing my grandma and other family members talk about how he was somewhat of a “black sheep” in the family. He didn’t come home for family gatherings because he was so far away, and his kids didn’t get to know the rest of the family. It was seen as a negative that he followed his dream and was wealthy (and trust me, you didn’t even want to get them started on the time he bought his wife a new Rolls Royce!).

Throughout my childhood, I loved the idea of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, but I began to associate moving far away and that “lifestyle” with something negative and being ostracized by my family.

This is just one example of what I had to overcome in terms of my own mindset. Here I was, an Ohioan living in another country. I wasn’t around for all the family gatherings. I wanted to make a lot of money. I too, wanted a run-in with George Clooney inside my house, but deep inside, I wondered whether I’d be judged. Would my family still love me?

I hope this is making sense lovely.

You see, from an evolutionary psychology perspective, there was a time when we had to fit in. There was a time when if you moved away from your family unit, you would literally die.

For that reason, I guarantee there are beliefs about money that have been passed down through your own generations of family members. This was not some evil plot — everyone (your family and mine) was just doing the best with what they had and what they knew to be true, but that doesn’t mean it’s helping us today.

Our money mindset and money story is set when we’re a child, so when we bring that into our adult life (especially into an era when so much is changing so quickly), it’s like operating with a 1950’s computer in the year 2018.

However (and this is a huge HOWEVER, Lovely!), you have the chance to rewrite your programming so that it serves you, and to be frank, you haveto rewrite it if you want to create the wealth you’re craving.

You have to put in the time and effort needed to transform your money mindset, just like I did when first went from $442 a month to my 7-figure year.

We both know that until you start making those shifts, nothing’s really going to change. And you’ll continue to pass on your current money story to your children and grandchildren.

I know you don’t want that, lovely!

I want to help you rewrite your money story and create wealth in your life.

Oh, and one more thing about my great-uncle; I recently spoke to my mom about what I remembered hearing about him growing up (moving away + making a lot of money = not being loved), and she said that actually, my uncle was able to do a great deal for his mother and family members because of his wealth — much more than if he hadn’t gone for his dreams.

There’s always a flip side, lovely.

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