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Emily Williams


The One Word that’s Been a Game-Changer for Me the Past Few Months

Emily Williams

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If you’re one of my clients or in the IHML community, you’ve probably heard one of the words I’ve been saying over and over again the past few months.

It’s word that’s enabled me to hire top mentors that get my vision.

It’s a word that’s enabled me to map out a 2019 plan that will 3x our business.

It’s enabled me to feel more aligned to my mission.

It’s enabled me to plan the BEST live event in 2020.

It’s enabled me to clear my schedule and only focus on the tasks and goals that will move our dreams forward.

It’s enabled me to finally see the power of team.

It’s enabled me to lose 25 pounds.

It’s enabled me to trust myself more and take more personal responsibility.

It’s enabled me to have better boundaries.

It’s enabled me to grow in terms of video and Facebook LIVE.

Sounds like a game-changer right?

Ready for it, Lovely?

The word is…


Here’s what foresight means to me: Being able to forecast what effect your current actions, way of being and even thinking will have on your life and the results you get in the future.

You see, people often say that hindsight is 20:20, but can’t foresight be too?

No, I’m not expecting you to have fortune-telling abilities, but I am asking you to check in with your future self and make decisions on behalf of her.

We’re all capable of this.

Here’s a simple example…

I often go to a cafe in London called Gail’s to work. They have my favorite almond croissants and chocolate chip cookies.

Earlier this year, when I began to really focus on my health and that included my diet, I realized was that every time I ate the cookie or croissant, I regretted it. I didn’t like the way it made me feel, and I definitely didn’t like the long-term results of not fitting in my clothes and having low energy.

So I decided to start to predict how food would make me feel. And channel my higher self and make decisions based on where I wanted to be — not on the current desire for sugar that I knew wasn’t actually a true desire.

Make sense, Lovely?

You can do the same thing with business and the success you want in your life.

Will spending your time building the landing page get you where you want to go? Or do you need to hire someone to do that?

Will not emailing your list for a few weeks get you the results you want? What about emailing them one time a week? What about four times?

What about waiting to start that Facebook LIVE routine?

What about continuing to do everything yourself and not looking for that extra help?

What about not protecting your sleep?

Making the decision today to start to focus on foresight.

Be real with yourself about how your current actions are (or aren’t) getting you closer to what you actually want. Deep down, you know the answers.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to try to develop foresight on your own.

There are people who have the foresight because they’ve been where you are today and can see into your future. Lean on them.

Speaking of which, keep your eyes on your inbox as I have a HUGE announcement coming up later this week.

We’ve created a space for you to get the support you’re craving and a clear plan for 2019.

Speak soon!

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