How to have patience in the pivot

Hi Lovely,


I’m back with Lesson 2 in my series ending the year with you.

Lesson 2 is one that I’ve been fighting. Goodness, have I been fighting it.

Here it is:

Lesson 2: Have Patience in the Pivot

You see, Lovely, I’m not a patient person. I don’t actually want to be patient. I pride myself in doing things quickly, and helping others get quick results.

But I’ve seen firsthand that when you’re moving a ship in another direction, it’s not an “on the dime” sort of pivot.

It takes time.

It takes planning.

It takes precision.

You can’t exactly wing-it.

Fairly recently, I was listening to a presentation one of my mentors did on sales.

She said, “You have to have patience in the pivot.”

That was a hard one to take, Lovely.

Does that resonate with you?

Have you been pivoting from a 9-5 career woman into running your own business?

Have you been pivoting in your mindset and creating new thought habits?

What about with your body — trying to transform your health?

Maybe your bank account — going from $5,000 a month to 5-figures a month.

Or 6-figures to $500,000.

These are not overnight feats.

And it can be confusing for us as driven women to know when patience is required versus when we need to show up, step on the gas and make a change.

Do you know the difference, Lovely?

For me, in developing the Millionaire Club, this was a culmination of everything we’ve done the past few years. It came to me very quickly. I was able to put my heart and soul into it and I literally divinely guided in its creation.

Maybe you’ve had an experience like that.

Or maybe right now you’re in a period of confusion.

You’re waiting for an answer. You feel like you may be missing something. You wonder why it’s not happening.

Your job in those moments is to have patience in the pivot. Be open. Be a vessel to receive that guidance. Keep questioning. Keep searching. Keep wondering. Keep dreaming.

And in the moments when you’re divinely guided – GO! Move! Make it happen!

Now’s the perfect week for you to check in with how you’ve been showing up this year in terms of patience.

Maybe you’re not in a period of transition, but we’re all ever-changing and growing. That’s a pivot in itself.

Allow the pivot.

Don’t fight it.


Don’t force change.

Allow instead.

Lots of love,