Good Morning LaLaLand Segment

James and I were on Good Morning LaLa Land today and you can catch the show here…

That’s not the only reason why I’m writing you today.

I know a lot of the amazing women in the IHML community are looking for media opportunities and ways in which to have a greater impact – media is a great way to do that!

For that reason, I wanted to share step by step how we made this happen so you too can start to create similar opportunities.

I’ve done my best to share a step by step process with you here. Let’s do it…

Step 1: A few years ago, James and I were a part of Brendon Burchard’s mastermind. Through that mastermind, I met so many incredible likeminded people; people like my dear friend Niyc Pidgeon (introduced to me by Brendon’s mom!)

It was through Niyc that I first heard of Good Morning LaLa Land.

Lesson: Build connections and invest in your personal growth and development through group programs and masterminds.

Step 2: Last year, I watched Niyc on Good Morning LaLa Land and immediately felt a pull towards the opportunity myself (and some jealousy!) so I asked her how she got the opportunity. When I learned that she was friends with the incredible host and creator Dr. Erin Fall Haskell, I told her I’d love to be on one day and asked her to recommend me if she thought it was a good fit. She said yes!

Lesson: Follow your jealousy and ask for what you desire!

Step 3: I was asked to be a speaker at the BossBabe event in NYC last October. It was there that I got to meet Erin in person. We formed a connection, and I let her know how much I loved her show and that we’d be grateful to add value for her audience.

Lesson: Show up, even when you’re scared! Speak your truth.

Step 4: Fast-forward to a few months ago, I reached out to Erin when I knew we were going to be in LA to see if James and me could be a part of the Show.

I literally told James that I knew I had to reach out to her — because I was scared. I felt like this opportunity stretched us and in those moments, it’s your duty to face your fear on behalf of your dreams.

Lesson: Once again, reach out. Ask for the opportunity.

So what’s the point of me sharing this with you? I want to make sure you can replicate this opportunity for yourself.

Because you can!

Anything that’s been possible for me, is also possible for you. But so many people stop right before it’s about to happen. So many people don’t ask.

Please don’t be one of them!

Can’t wait to see what doors open when you take these steps and implement them in your own life.

Talk to you soon!

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