This Business Could Have Killed Me (Meet the Secret Weapon Who Changed It All)


July 23, 2019

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This business could have killed me.

There were days when I couldn’t even look at my phone because my eyes were so strained from hours staring at the computer.

There were moments when I felt pains under my chest when I took a breath in and out.

My calves constantly hurt.

I had anxiety which ended up causing the need to swallow every few seconds.

There were days when I couldn’t get out of bed (and days when I didn’t even brush my teeth).

This is the real truth, and honestly, I’m so happy to share it with you.

(Yes, I said happy.)

The reason I’m happy is because it took me getting to that point to finalllllyyyyy understand what has to happen in order for me to truly be successful. And more than that, to be happy. To become a “high performer”.

Back in early 2015, my husband James told me about someone named Brendon Burchard. He had been introduced to Brendon’s world of high performance and wanted to become certified in his methodology. In April 2015, he made that happen and threw himself into this work.

As for me — I had no idea what High Performance was, and frankly, I used to tell people that it was his thing, not mine

I didn’t need ice baths, breathing techniques, consistent stretching.

(That was the extent of my high performance knowledge at first.)

Until now that is.

Today, I’m here a converted woman.

And I’m here to share that James truly is my secret weapon.

Every day he supports me in knowing what supplements to take.

He teaches me about breathing techniques that increase my energy levels.

I’ve learned about sleep and what improves your REM and how learning actually happens during your recovery — not while reading a book or listening to a podcast.

I now understand that it’s not the amount of exercise you get, but the quality of the exercise.

I know the importance of essential oils and good fats.

I learned that most airlines actually add salt to their food — so although somewhat reluctantly, I started to bring my own food on our travels.

I’m now a blue-light-blocking-glasses wearing chica.

And James has also taught me so much about what it really takes to be influential in the online space — because after all, high performance is also about influence.

Why I am sharing this with you today?

Because I didn’t start off wanting to know all of this stuff. I didn’t really care. He used to force-feed me high performance, and because I’m a supportive wife, I listened. I was in the dark thinking that I was the exception to the rule. Believing I’d be different. In denial about what it was going to take to achieve the results I wanted.

Maybe you’re the same…

You don’t worry about your 16-hour workdays.

You don’t think that late nights and very little sleep will hurt you.

You believe that pain in your stomach will just go away.

You assume you’ll loose weight when the business gets to the next level.

I hear you, but please also hear me when I say…you’re fooling yourself.

And the good news is, you can get this under control now. You can take your power back. You can have success and still take care of yourself.

And in fact, it’s imperative that you do.

As James always says, “The world belongs to the energetic” and you don’t have to reach rock bottom to hear the wakeup call.

We both know this business isn’t going to run itself. We both know you can’t impact the world from a coffin.

My husband has devoted his life to this work. And thank goodness he stuck by me because I finallllyyy get it.

Now I look back and realize that if I had gotten it years ago, we could have gone even faster. We could have made even more money. We could have impacted more lives. I would have truly been superhuman.

But thank goodness I get it now.

And you can too. In fact, the information you’re craving and so badly require is literally just a click away.

Many of you don’t know that James actually writes a weekly email full of his top high performance and superhuman tips (based on research and years of study) on what enables people like us — driven and prone to overworking — to perform at top levels.

His weekly emails (completely complimentary) will help you become superhuman in terms of your performance and what you’re able to achieve. They will even help you live longer!



All you have to do is click above, and you’ll be added to this list.

And he, too, can be your secret weapon.

Can’t wait for you to experience what I’ve been privy to all these years.

Sending love,

Emily xx

P.S. James and I also recorded a video talking all about my experience with shifting my mindset and health. You can watch it here.

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