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How to Start Your Business Before You’re Ready with Ruth Kudzi

Emily Williams

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The easiest answer, and the one that Ruth would give you, is to just start. She is an amazing example of what it means to take action and move toward a life and business of your dreams.

“I made all those excuses, but when I took a step back and realized those excuses were my way of being safe and keeping myself safe, I was able to move forward.”

-Ruth Kudzi

Ruth Kudzi is a phenomenal business coach who has made several shifts and pivots in her business, all of which have moved her closer and closer to her dreams. Before signing up for I Heart Coaching, Ruth started her coaching business with an email.

That one email went out to a select few friends and she let them know that she could coach them on ANYTHING. Surprisingly, it worked. She retained her first few clients and realized that she didn’t want to coach people on anything and everything. 

After her time in the program she chose a specific niche, clarified who her ideal clients are, and has continued to see growth month after month.

Listen in as she shares how she became aware of business coaching and entrepreneurship as well as how she found her drive and courage to take action from the outset.

Your network, your drive, and your ability to continue to grow are the biggest strengths that you can bring to any business. Not your ability to create websites or design impeccable funnels.

Just start. Who knows where your desires and actions will take you? For Ruth, the sky is the limit.

In this Episode: 

[01:34] Welcome to the show Ruth Kudzi and hear the story behind her success.
[03:21] Who inspired Ruth to take the entrepreneurial path? 

[06:03] Was Ruth aware that she wanted to be a coach or was it a brand new concept when she started? 

[08:25] How did Ruth jump into coaching and finding clients? 

[11:30] Where does Ruth’s motivation and drive come from?
[14:04] What were the next steps?
[16:58] Ruth shares what she learned from her time in the I Heart Coaching Program. 

[18:07] Hear more about the challenges that she moved through while building her business.
[19:56] How did she bring herself back from her challenges to succeed? 

[21:04] What has happened since Ruth graduated from I Heart Coaching? 

[24:16] Despite what was then a large sum of money, Ruth still participated in the program.
[25:47] Ruth shares where her company is going and what’s next.

[26:39] How can you build a life better than your dreams? Connect with Ruth!

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“Your network, like those people who already know and love you, they’re going to talk about you in such a way that nobody else is going to do until you build those relationships. So even if it’s a completely different field to what you’ve normally worked in, your network is so important.” – Ruth Kudzi

“I made all those excuses, but when I took a step back and realized those excuses were my way of being safe and keeping myself safe, I was able to move forward.” – Ruth Kudzi

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