The One Question You Should Be Asking Yourself During This Pandemic


April 2, 2020

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The truth is, this week has been challenging.

One of the most difficult things for me personally, is not being able to plan things in the future. Experiences like our events and retreats, a trip I was going to take with my family, brunches with friends or weekends away with James.

If you’re anything like me, I’ve found myself wondering when it’s going to end.

But then I realize that just like any other time in life — amidst any other challenge -it’s important to think about the here and now and not wish away the moment.


So this week, I’ve been thinking…

When I look back at this moment, at this period of time when James and I were quarantined — when we’re telling our kids about the few weeks (or months) that we had to stay inside except for our daily walk (wherein-which everyone crossed the street to stay away from one another and yet, we could tell that at the same time, we were so desperate for connection), when the supermarket was out of things like bread, Veet waxing strips and tonic water, when we had to wear masks — when we regaling that story, how do I want to have shown up?

I’m literally in the midst of writing that story today — we all are — so the decisions I make matter. 

How I think about this moment matters. 

How I choose to show up matters.

And it’s the same for you.

So my recommendation is to ask yourself this one question…
What do I want to be able to say about the way I showed up during this time?​​ -Emily Williams
And use that to guide your thoughts and actions during this time (and forever in the midst of any challenge).

This will help you move through the fears that are coming up for you. Look for the opportunities to pivot your business or goals. Enjoy time with your family or spouse. Make the most of this time — maybe by learning a new skill, dedicating yourself to your business or your health.

That’s another thing I’m asking myself: How do I want to use this time? What would I be proud of? 

And I have to be honest
, I’m going to be really disappointed in myself if I get to the end of this and all I have to say for it is “I watched all of Netflix”. We can do better. We can be better. We have a great opportunity to rise up and be leaders.

So today, think about your future self telling this story. What does she want to be able to say?
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Until next time, have an incredible day and week.

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