That Time I “Retired” My Husband So He Could Pursue His Dreams


April 11, 2020

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Yesterday James and I were reminded of what we were doing 5 years ago this weekend…

Yup, that’s us in Venice, Italy.

It almost feels like a completely different lifetime, and I’m so grateful that we have spent so much time in Italy over the years seeing that it’s pretty much off-limits right now.

This trip in particular was really special to us because it marked the moment of James resigning from his 9-5 job in television.

I surprised him with this trip because I knew we had to celebrate the decision we’d made to both be entrepreneurs and kick it off in a big way.

To be honest with you, it was never one of my dreams to “retire” my husband so he could pursue his own goals.

When I met James, he wasn’t unhappy in his career, in fact he had lots of moments of loving it.

But when he saw what I was doing with IHML, it opened his eyes to the possibility that was before him.

He, too, started to feel as if he was meant for something big. Something different.

And because of the success of my business — not even in full year in — he was able to pursue his own passion as a Certified High Performance Coach.

Maybe you want the same, for yourself or your partner.

And the same is possible for you!I know it can be scary to take that leap of faith though which is why I wanted to share a special free training with you today to help you move past fear and create the freedom, joy, financial abundance and purpose you’re craving …

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I, too, have been scared of taking big leaps, but the truth is, if that girl I once was could see me now, she’d know there was really nothing to worry about.

Because now, my life looks completely different. In fact, as I often say, I’m living a life that’s better than my dreams.

James and I have started yet another chapter in our lives in Los Angeles after living in London for ten years.

We have clients and team members all around the world.

We wake up excited about our work every single day.

And that’s what’s available for you.

In this workbook, I reveal the 7 lessons I’ve learned along my own entrepreneurial journey that have helped me go from scared to rich.These are things that you can start implementing in your own life and business straight away to start living a richer, fuller life that looks more like the life you’ve been dreaming of.

I’m going to share with you:

  • The top mistake I see online entrepreneurs making that stops money coming their way (this is so fixable once you learn it!)
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  • My #1 mindset shift to reaching your own mega money months now
  • How to get over your fear of sales and convert new clients and ensure you reach your 2020 financial goals

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Can’t wait to hear what you think. You’ve got this!

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