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Emily Williams


How RTT Therapy Will Change Your Life with Emily Summersett

Emily Williams

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After helping her husband heal through a Bipolar II disorder and attempted suicide, Emily Summersett was determined to help others. She realized that her drive and desire to love on others would be better spent helping them learn to love on themselves. She began studying various therapies, found RTT, and has been learning ever since. 

“The most important thing that we can achieve as human beings, not just as entrepreneurs or businesses owners, is self-realization. Is really understanding how our mind operates and how it creates our reality.” -Emily Summersett

RTT is Rapid Transformational Therapy and it combines the most effective principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in order to create long-lasting results and transformation. What does this mean? It means that Emily helps you retrain your brain by working through the blocks it created when you were only a child. 

Only 5% of our brainpower is devoted to conscious thought and action. The other 95% is dealing with subconscious stimuli and triggers. When you try to lose weight or change a pattern of behavior, you’re fighting against that 95% to create the new habit. With RTT you go to the source of your block and obliterate it. 

Listen as Emily shares why she went into RTT and how it has helped her and so many of her clients to overcome their limiting beliefs. She and her husband are now living the life of their dreams and their goal is to help so many others do the same. While RTT may seem like it is kind of out there, it has been proven to help people overcome everything from body image issues, to self-harm, to alcoholism and substance abuse.

If you’re struggling with a block that is holding you back, reach out to Emily and see where your blocks reside and if RTT can help you overcome them. 

In this Episode: 

[02:43] Learn how Emily met Emily.

[04:21] Emily shares how she started her business and why.

[07:53] How the beginnings of her business transformed into coaching and supporting others.

[09:18] Why her business helped pull her husband out of a dark time. 

[11:12] Emily shares how she approached her husband and helped him process through his experiences. 

[13:37] What did it take for Emily to give herself permission to move more into the mindset work?

[15:51] Learn more about the work Emily is doing through RTT Therapy.

[19:58] Why RTT Therapy works so rapidly in achieving transformations. 

[23:26] How does regression therapy work? 

[24:15] Emily breaks down the process of hypnosis and what it really is. 

[26:52] What happens once you’ve been placed into hypnosis?

[28:12] Can you regress back to a period that was told to you but that you don’t remember? 

[31:17] What kinds of struggles do people seek out RTT therapy to overcome? 

[33:05] Emily shares what drew her to RTT and how she gave herself permission to pursue it. 

[35:36] How did Emily and her husband start the process of traveling and living a more nomadic lifestyle? 

[39:31] Freedom is your birthright. It’s your thoughts and beliefs that hold you back. 

[40:49] What is one way that you can create a life better than your dreams? 

[41:45] Connect with Emily.


“The most important thing that we can achieve as human beings, not just as entrepreneurs or businesses owners, is self-realization. Is really understanding how our mind operates and how it creates our reality.” – Emily Summersett

“We don’t need as much as we think we need. Freedom and joy and happiness is between our ears.” – Emily Summersett

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