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Emily Williams


How to Invest in Your Business as a New Coach: A Real Life Coaching Session with Rachel Gully

Emily Williams

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We all have our money stories sitting in the wings of our mind ready to “keep us safe” when we venture into new territory. Whether it be in our lives, our businesses, or any other venture, our minds are designed to keep us safe from the fear of the unknown. Listen as I do a live coaching session with Rachel Gully and discuss how investing in her business would mean the difference between living her dreams or wallowing in her current reality. 

“You have to decide within yourself, how much longer are you willing to put up with a life that does not excite you and work that does not excite you.” -Emily Williams

Rachel is an empowerment coach for women seeking to overcome body image issues and a lack of confidence in themselves and their bodies. She’s been dabbling in her business for the past 18 months or so, but when Covid hit she knew she needed to start making some changes. She shares that investing in her own coaching would help her move the needle, but she’s not sure where to find the money. 

Now there are many different ways that we can all find the money to fund our dreams, but when it comes down to it, we all face the same fears. The one that is most prevalent for Rachel is the fear of failure and a feeling of having lost out on her dream. But the feelings she fears are the same ones she’s currently living with. 

Listen in as we dig deeper into Rachel’s fears and everything that’s holding her back from moving forward. We also visualize what life would be like if she did move forward in her business, did the work, and came out on the other side of 10 years living her version of success. 

Visualization is so powerful and the future that Rachel maps out is clear and detailed and obviously the vision that she needs to be in service to. If you’ve been dealing with your own mindset blocks, then you won’t want to miss out on this episode.

In this Episode: 

[01:57] Welcome Rachel to the show for this coaching session. 

[02:19] Learn more about Rachel’s business and work. 

[03:15] Where is Rachel at in her business? 

[04:10] What was it about Covid that had her moving forward with her business? 

[04:43] Rachel shares her dreams for this company and her future. 

[05:53] What kind of support does Rachel think she needs to realize her dreams? 

[06:49] Which blocks have kept Rachel from signing up with I Heart Coaching? 

[08:16] Listen as Emily learns more about Rachel’s marketing process. 

[09:06] How does Rachel approach advising her students to overcome their body image issues? What would she say to herself when it comes to her business? 

[10:24] What would it look like for Rachel to stop playing small and go all in? 

[13:07] In what ways is she self-sabotaging herself? 

[16:16] There is a reason why we start with 6-weeks of mindset work in I Heart Coaching. 

[19:02] In one word, Rachel shares how she loves helping women.

[21:36] Where does her money struggle come from? 

[24:55] What kinds of different decisions can Rachel start to make on behalf of the vision?

[26:46] Rachel shares what comes up for her when she states her next steps out loud. 

[29:38] Why you need to focus on the vision that has been gifted to you. 

[31:57] What is one way that Rachel could fund her dreams and get the support she’s craving? 

[36:26] How would it feel to never take action toward her dreams? 

[40:24] The decisions she needs to make now to support her 10 year vision. 

[44:00] Rachel’s final thoughts on the call. 

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“Staying in the same place and not making different decisions means that you’re not going to get a different result.” – Emily Williams

“You have to decide within yourself, how much longer are you willing to put up with a life that does not excite you and work that does not excite you.” – Emily Williams

“I’ve got a bit of goosebumps as well and my hands are sweaty. It makes my heart skip a beat and makes me feel excited and happy. Like California is my happy place.” – Rachel Gully

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