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Emily Williams


Four Steps to Shift Your Mindset from “Meh” to Motivated in a Minute

Emily Williams

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I know I spend a lot of time talking about mindset. The thing is, I truly believe we have the power to shift our minds and can therefore shift our realities. 

Our thoughts create our reality.

Really let that sink in. 

That’s a lot of power. How you use it is what’s really important. 

I’ve seen so many aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners with monumental visions that can change lives. Their lives. The lives of others. The unfortunate part is that so many of them don’t quite understand how to harness that power to get what they want. 💔

So many people are held back by their limiting mindset. By their emotions. By this lack of control.  

There is so much possibility to be had when you take back that power.

That’s why I was so excited to be able to sit down and talk with Dr. Jay La Guardia to discuss all things mindset and how you (yes, you) can commit to transforming your life with a few simple steps. After hearing his story, it’s safe to say that his commitment to personal development and mindset work completely changed his life. 

I’ll be honest, this just might have been one of my favorite episodes yet (you can catch the entire interview here). Honestly, there was so much power packed into those 45 minutes that I could write a whole series of empowering emails. 

For now, I’m going to share one of my favorite moments from our interview. (Hint: it’s something you can start doing today). 

I was amazed when Jay shared his one-minute mindset shift exercise that has led to big changes in his life at home and business. I’m going to share this trick here with you today so you can start shifting your mindset and stepping into your big vision (with just one minute of your time). 

Let’s face it, sometimes we experience emotions that don’t feel good. Sure, it’s human nature to feel these emotions, but you don’t have to let them hold you back, (NAME). 

I mean, who wants to feel angry or apathetic? Frustrated or fearful? I’d be willing to bet that those emotions don’t serve you and your big vision…

If that’s the case (hint: it is) why put the time and energy into them? Why let them block you from the possibilities that are out there? (Because they are, (NAME)). 

With this exercise, you don’t have to. 

So, here are the four steps you can use to shift your mindset from “meh” to motivated…

Identify the emotion. 

Ask yourself, “What am I feeling?” When you confront the feeling, you can then shift it. Don’t just identify it, but ask yourself how long you choose to be present in the emotion. This is all about taking back your power so you can live the life you want. So you can do whatever or have whatever it is that you’ve been craving. So you can be the best version of yourself as you step into the transformation that will bring your dreams into reality. 

Physical manifestation. 

Next, ask yourself, “where am I experiencing this emotion?” The thing is, our emotions are expressed physically through our bodies. Maybe it’s tightness in your back when you’re stressed, the ache in your feet when you’re tired, or the tapping of your foot when you’re anxious. Whatever it is, call it out. You have to identify the physical manifestation of your emotion so you know what you are feeling and where it is showing up for you.

Determine how you want to feel. 

Next, ask yourself “how do I want to feel?” Remember, emotions are choices. This is a foundational element of this exercise (and mindset work in general). You can’t control the world around you, but you can control how you respond to it, right? So, take back the power by choosing how you want to feel. If you are feeling anxious, maybe you want to feel confident, right? Claim that. Whatever the change is that you want to experience emotionally, declare that desire with gumption. 

Think back. 

The final step in your minute-mindset transformation is to recall a moment in your life when you were experiencing that emotion you wish to feel. If you are looking to feel confident, think back to a memory when you felt unwavering confidence. Play that memory back. Let yourself remember what it was like at that moment to feel said emotion. 

Here’s what happens when you commit to this final step: You experience an instant neurophysiological shift in your brain. In just one minute (okay, maybe two) your body experiences a physical manifestation change. 

Shifting your mind to better control your emotional state can literally lead to a physical change, and that is how you can change your destiny while fully embracing (and stepping into) your big vision. 

When it comes to these transformational shifts, mindfulness and meditation won’t change your life on their own. They need to be followed by taking actions that will help move you forward in the direction of your dreams. 

So, what actions are you going to take to start transforming your mindset (and life) today?

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