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I Knew I Was Building the Wrong Business: Part 1 of Our Rebrand Reveal

Emily Williams

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We're a media, education and lifestyle company that supports you in elevating every area of your life. I started IHML in 2014 out of my own desire to love myself and my life. Welcome. We're glad you're here.
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Ever wondered what would happen if you woke up one morning and realized the seven-figure business you’d been building for years doesn’t fulfil you anymore? Or worse, if you looked around and didn’t even recognize the business you’d built, because it feels so far from the mission and vision you’d originally set out to follow? And what if you realized that after years of helping others love their lives, you no longer enjoy your own?

“I realized that I helped women love their lives—and I deserved to have the same experience. But because I wasn’t in alignment with what I always envisioned this company to be, that was challenging for me. I felt like I was constantly waiting.” — Emily Williams

These are the kinds of questions that keep entrepreneurs up at night—and the questions we all hope we’ll never have to answer. But this year, I found myself facing each of those fears head-on, and finding out the answers—the hard way. There were times I thought I’d have to let go of my team and my clients, shut the whole thing down, and start from scratch. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t do any of those things. But I DID go through all the trials and tribulations of following your heart—which led to greater alignment than I ever thought possible.)

Things are about to get VERY real and vulnerable here at the I Heart My Life Show. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous to share this episode with you! Over the last 8 months, my team and I have been very busy rebranding, rebuilding, and revitalizing both the IHML and Emily Williams brands. And while I’m so excited to reveal all that we’ve been creating and innovating, it’s just as important to me that I show you what’s been going on behind the scenes—because the process hasn’t been as easy or graceful as you might expect.

If you’ve been following my journey for a while, you’ll know that I’ve never been one to share only the highlight reel. After all, I Heart My Life is about all of life, not just the best bits! That’s why in Part 1 of our Rebrand Reveal series, I’m baring it all. Not only the highs, but also the lowest of lows. Not just what worked, but also what didn’t. Not only the end result of our rebrand, but all the difficult decisions I had to make along the way—as well as my dreams and desires for the future. 

If you’re facing uncertainty in your own life and business (or even thinking about throwing in the towel), I hope this episode serves as a reminder that reaching rock bottom in your life can lead you to the clarity (and transformation) you’re craving.

Make sure to come back next week to hear part 2… because this journey is just beginning.

In This Episode:

  • The moment I realized I was building the wrong business 
  • Feeling stuck and stagnant in life and in my business
  • Why traditional ‘niche down’ advice didn’t work for me
  • My initial vision for I Heart My Life back in 2014
  • How I knew for sure IHML needed to pivot
  • Cancelling my Mastermind days before launch
  • Why I started crying in the middle of a meeting 
  • What happens when money doesn’t matter much anymore
  • What I realized when I faced my fear of failure head-on
  • How trusting my intuition helped me figure out the “how”


“I got to the point where I didn’t even care about the money. I remember thinking: ‘if the vision isn’t coming to life, if the brand is not in alignment with what I want and what I intended it to be, then why in the world are we doing this? I built the company out of my own pain of being in a quarter-life crisis for five years, not knowing what lit me up, feeling lost, not having a passion or purpose, not feeling grounded or rooted in my decisions, allowing fear and doubt to run the show. And I found myself in a similar place in that ski chalet in Vail, seven years later—and I knew something had to change.” — Emily Williams

“I realized that I helped women love their lives—and I deserved to have the same experience. But because I wasn’t in alignment with what I always envisioned this company to be, that was challenging for me. I felt like I was constantly waiting.” — Emily Williams

“Are you making decisions based on where you want to be, or where you currently are?” — Emily Williams

 “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought. Take action now, you’ll find your truth.” — Marie Forleo (paraphrased)

“When you get to the place where you’re no longer afraid—when you’re in full trust and your desire takes over—you are unstoppable.” — Emily Williams 

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