Transform Your Trauma and Discover Your Soul’s Purpose with Dr. Erin

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There’s so much buzz around that one word. So much so that it can feel really heavy, and confusing, yet super important and hard to ignore at the same time
as everyone wants to know how to transform their trauma.

Today, we’re blessed to have Dr. Erin on the IHML Show. Dr. Erin is a multifaceted guru and Doctor of Divinity AND trauma expert.

After suffering a stillbirth in her early twenties, she was spiritually broke— and seeking to create her own wealth. Now she’s made it her mission to educate the masses on the energetics of trauma to heighten our healing at the soul level.

It’s through her top-rated podcast, best-seller books, and coaching programs that she bridges the gap between science, spirituality, and psychology to cultivate something extraordinary…

And right here on the IHML Show!

In this episode, Dr. Erin and I investigate the many facets of spiritual and traditional psychology that inspired her creation of her E4 Trauma Method.

We also delve into intergenerational trauma and how to transform your trauma and discover your soul’s purpose!

This episode makes trauma (and the work you do to resolve it) so much easier to understand and take action on starting today….

“We’re not our status. We’re not our bank account status. We’re not even our bodies. We’re not the circumstances. We’re not even our beliefs. We’re actually the creator of all of it.” — Dr. Erin

In This Episode:

  • [1:25] Dr. Erin kicks the conversation off by taking us back to how she chose her path!
  • [3:51] This is how Dr. Erin got closer to fulfillment after her many wake-up calls.
  • [6:46] How to start deep inner work blocking your manifestations, according to Dr. Erin!
  • [10:57] Dr. Erin dives into deeper detail regarding trauma work utilizing her own methods as well as others.
  • [13:14] Why you can’t keep what you don’t give away, according to Dr. Erin…
  • [14:21] Dr. Erin addresses the big buzz around intergenerational trauma, and how she herself overcame it in her own family dynamic.
  • [21:40] This is how (and why) you should be more conscious of how you serve your relationships.
  • [25:29] Dr. Erin harps on the identity shifts that organically occur in the journey of parenthood.
  • [27:13] Did you know trauma can have an impact on your wealth creation? Dr. Erin draws distinct connections, and how you can move through those blocks!
  • [29:17] Dr. Erin gushes about the exciting things to come in her business.
  • [32:53] This is the doctor’s order for how to create a life better than your dreams!


“I was 30 and I had this moment of like, ‘Hey, I’m a millionaire, but I’m too unfulfilled.’ I was living a double life. I was literally trying to live the life that the world told me I was supposed to live.” — Dr. Erin

“Doing your trauma work is for sure the most important thing because your soul’s calling is your soul. Until you have done your soul’s work, you won’t know your true soul’s calling.” — Dr. Erin

“You need to surround yourself in an environment of people that are holding you in truth and that are doing their work so that you can stay in that frequency.” — Dr. Erin

“We can have these spiritual things, but we need to deal with the actual DNA and the subconscious work.” — Dr. Erin

“It’s not what happens to you. It’s what happens within you.” — Dr. Erin

“I’m doing work for the collective in my trauma work. I’m doing work for my lineage and things like that. And that’s why I do service every day.” — Dr. Erin

“Love if you wanna experience love, [but] you can’t fully have love unless you are the expression of love and you give love away.” — Dr. Erin

“In order to be fully free in this lifetime and fully empowered, we need to be fully free and empowered in those [parental] relationships.” — Dr. Erin

“So of course having a non-judgment, practicing non-judgment is for sure the number one thing, unconditional love to yourself. Because think about that, don’t you wanna teach your child unconditional love? If they don’t see you unconditionally loving yourself, they’re not gonna learn unconditional love. If our children don’t see us unconditionally loving ourselves, they won’t be able to unconditionally love themselves.” — Dr. Erin

“We’re not our status. We’re not our bank account status. We’re not even our bodies. We’re not the circumstances. We’re not even our beliefs. We’re actually the creator of all of it.” — Dr. Erin

“I believe we’re kind of all born for particular expressions if you will. And for me, when I’m most in that genius zone is generally in person.” — Dr. Erin

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