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How to Find Your Brand Archetype and Build a Values-Driven Business with Jennifer Kem

Emily Williams

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Wondering what your brand archetype is and how to create a standout brand? This episode is for you!

Meet Jennifer Kem. She’s sharing her journey from growing up in a small town in Hawaii to becoming an entrepreneur and brand strategist working with celebrity clients all around the world. 

Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of taking risks to achieve autonomy and control in your life.

The subject of this episode podcast is “Brand Archetypes and Entrepreneurship,”… but it’s SO much more than that. 

In this episode, we cover…

  • How understanding your brand archetype can help you tell better stories and be more effective in your marketing.
  • The importance of personal branding, especially in the early stages of building a business.
  • Jen’s signature Unicorn Team Framework.
  • The common pitfalls and mistakes that entrepreneurs make in the online space (and how to avoid them).
  • How to know if your goals are actually aligned with how you want to live your life.
  • What Jen had to overcome personally to achieve her success. (Like building an 8-figure brand, having a company where her daughters can work with her too, and creating her own vineyard – and the list goes on!)

And! As a special gift for you, Jen has also gifted our community her signature Brand Archetype Assessment. You can access that here.

Remember, to create a life that exceeds expectations, live your values through action, not just thoughts.

Tune in now…!

In This Episode:

[01:13]Childhood Curiosity
The guest talks about her childhood in a small town in Hawaii, her fascination with brands and exploration, and her early desire to become the general counsel of Coca-Cola International.

[06:51]College Major and First Job
The guest talks about switching her major to marketing in college and her first job as a junior copywriter at Ogilvy and Mather, where she worked on the Coca-Cola International account.

[08:38]Brand Archetyping
The guest talks about her first account at Ogilvy and Mather, which was for Coca-Cola International versus Pepsi, and how she learned about brand archetyping, which has followed her throughout her entire career.

09:35]Trying Different Paths
The guest talks about her journey from wanting to be a full-bodied strategist to becoming an entrepreneur, and the importance of trying different things to find what inspires and motivates you.

[11:47]Leaving the Corporate World
The guest shares her decision to leave the corporate world in 2006 after being passed up for a promotion, and how her experience in the corporate world has helped her in her entrepreneurial career.

[13:54]Values-Driven Framework
The guest explains her values-driven framework for decision-making, which involves considering her future self, present self, and past self, and running decisions through the filter of her vision, voids, and violations.

[18:02]Brand Archetypes
The guest explains the concept of brand archetypes and how they are used to create the voice and character of a brand, using Coca-Cola and Pepsi as examples.

[23:35]Personal Brand vs Company Brand
The guest discusses the importance of personal branding in the forming and storming phases of a business, but also emphasizes the need to eventually find someone else to run the company so that the founder can focus on promoting the brand.

[25:41]Unicorn Team Framework
The guest introduces her Unicorn Team Framework, which includes the roles of visualizer, strategizer, and mobilizer, and explains how it can help entrepreneurs build their businesses and eventually replace themselves as CEO.

[29:19]Failing Fast
The guest talks about the importance of failing fast and how overthinking and perfectionism can be killers to your brand and business.

[30:21]Using AI in Business
The guest advises entrepreneurs not to forget the human intelligence they possess when using AI to grow their business and to focus on improving their skillset and craft.

[31:20]Operationalizing Too Early
The guest recommends that entrepreneurs take care of their life first and get help during the forming phase of their business, instead of wasting time and money on operationalizing too early.

[37:25]Changing Goals
The guest talks about changing her goals and simplifying her business to focus on her peace and prosperity.

[39:03]Losing Yourself
The guest discusses her fear of losing herself and how she has failed in her personal life, particularly in relationships and health.

[43:50]Personal Branding and Cancel Culture
The guest gives advice on personal branding and dealing with cancel culture, emphasizing the importance of values, consistency, and community.

[47:01]Instagram and Brand Archetype Assessment
Jennifer shares her Instagram handle and offers a brand archetype assessment to listeners.

[47:39]Creating a Life Better Than Your Dreams
Jennifer advises listeners to live their values and take action towards them.

[48:00]Thanking the Guest
Emily thanks Jennifer for sharing her wisdom and doing great work in the world.

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